Men Need to Feel Sexy Too! Lingerie For Everyone
May 5, 2013

Men Need to Feel Sexy Too! Lingerie For Everyone

Women like to wear lacey bras and revealing thongs when it’s time to “slip into something more comfortable” in an attempt to excite their men, but some men feel the same way apparently.

Everybody likes to feel sexy, and it’s nothing new. Men like to buy lacy undergarments for their wives because it’s a gift that keeps on giving. They may wrap it up like it’s a gift for their ladies, but truly it’s a gift to themselves.

Now, it seems, some men wouldn’t mind getting some lingerie for themselves.

Homme Mystere, a progressive lingerie company, now sells lingerie specifically designed for men, and no, this is not a joke.

Ok, let me say this before I go any further: while I support equal love, gay rights, and all that other good fun stuff, I am a straight man, and this blog is not easy to write. Every blog comes with research, and researching comes with images. Images of men with bodies way better than mine, and they’re all wearing thongs and G-strings. Please have mercy on me.

Anyhow, men’s lingerie isn’t just a gag gift anymore. It seems there’s a market for it, and Homme Mystere is pitching it at men of all beliefs, nationalities, and creeds.

Their website’s frequently asked questions page explains, “We provide our lingerie for guys.  We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, anglican, martian or any other persuasion.  We just design and manufacture attractive luxury underwear for men.” This was a response to one of their FAQs that was more of a statement. The FAQ read, “You should cater to your gay customers as well”.

I’m pretty sure they don’t care who their customers lay down with at night as long they keep buying product, but I digress.

Banana hammocks aren’t just for giggles anymore. They sell everything; panties (not underwear-panties), G-strings and thongs, stockings and hosiery, lingerie, and, the most surprising of all, bras.

For anyone scratching their heads wondering why in the hell would men want to wear bras or lingerie, question eleven on the FAQ page is just for you, “I’m just browsing your store and I do not understand why men would want to wear lingerie?–It’s fun, it feels great and it makes choosing underwear each day a little more enjoyable.”

Personally, I’ve never worn anything other than tighty whities and boxers, and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon. But if they’re moving product globally, there’s got to be some sort of market for it, niche as it may be.

Homme Mystere isn’t trying to make it any manlier either. You’d think there’d be some mossy oak camouflage undies, or some blues, greys, and reds to kind of manly-man it up some.


This stuff is pink and lacey, emblazoned with soft floral patterns, and tiny little ribbon bows; you name it. It literally looks like your wife’s sexiest pair of panties just add a bulge in the front to nestle the family jewels.

All kidding aside, they must be growing. They’ve got two distributors already. One in Utah for US orders, and one in Wakefield, UK for the orders across the pond.

The average garment will cost from $20.00 USD to $30.00 USD, but hey, you can’t put a price on sexy, right?

Image Credit: joesayhello / Shutterstock

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