Metroid Fan Film Canned By Nintendo
August 29, 2013

Metroid Fan Film Canned By Nintendo

Call them the happiest bunch of video games and software entertainment in the 21st century, but Nintendo will crush your dreams abruptly if you don’t have a contract. Makers of the recent Metroid Fan Film project, headed by Massive State and Moxie Lady Productions, have been properly shut down by Nintendo for copyright infringement.

Most of us know that Nintendo are the masters of awesome character creation. In fact, Nintendo recently offered their opinion on used games and digital distribution by remarking that the key to developing games, in stark contrast to other publishers and developers, is to create games that people just don’t want to give u. Unfortunately for Metroid fans, that also means that any likenesses or continuations on the story of any of Nintendo’s exclusive characters is unjust and subject to the full penalty of internet law.

For today’s order of Internet justice, Nintendo is serving up a depressing assurance to Moxie Lady and Massive that it doesn’t matter how badly you want a Nintendo movie to come true akin to your desires. If they haven’t made it, then nobody will. This shouldn’t suggest that Nintendo keeps their copyrighted material sealed tighter than a crab’s anus, because we’ve seen examples of Nintendo movies in the past.

Well…on second thought, I can only think of the Super Mario movie adaptation, but at least we have that. And for all of the negative press that movie got for existing at all, a proper Super Mario is much welcomed as long as Nintendo is ready to cooperate and negotiate with production companies to bring these stories to life. But again, how open is Nintendo about making a film adaption of the Metroid series?

They probably don’t care at all really as long as someone knocks on their door for permission, but instead, these guys snuck in the backyard and went skinny dipping. For that, Nintendo swiftly brings down a hammer of immediate silence. Just like that, we’re in the dark again on cancelled Metroid Kickstarter project that will probably never see the light of day again.

As for Kickstarter; well, you know how those guys operate.

The crowd funding website came to critical acclaim in recent years for giving chances to amazing amateur project including Planetary Annihilation and the much acclaimed Veronica Mars film adaptation. For them, this is just a small speed bump for a vehicle of opportunity that can’t seem to stop with the success.

Seriously, you should really check out Kickstarter sometime.

In the meantime, we’ll have to sulk and gather around at the beer keg to lament on yet another story of Nintendo fan boy failure. To the boys and girls over at Massive and Moxie Lady Productions, my deepest condolences and appreciation goes to you for your hard work and tireless enthusiasm. As for a Metroid fan film, well, we can still dream.

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