Mia And The Migoo
February 19, 2013

Mia And The Migoo

If you are a resident of the northern United States (or anywhere near that hemisphere, for that matter) then you should be a first hand witness of the snowpacalypse, or by a name it’s better known as: winter time. I’m not the type to assume, but judging from the news headlines lately I’m guessing that you guys are stuck in your houses with a wolf pack of snow holding your front doors hostage. I would also venture to guess that you pretty much do not have a thing to do while Mother Nature is holding you and your family (or just you) on house arrest.

Don’t try to fight. Mother Nature is trying to tell you that you need to slow down and find peace of mind, or at least escape your day to day hustle and enjoy the things you work for and pay for.  Take Netflix, for example. You pay for that every month, yet you probably don’t watch it as often as you would like.  Sit back and relax buddy, because this month the service has a treat for you that is really a novelty. I was browsing through the catalogue earlier in the month and found a foreign film I had been waiting to see (yes, I am a movie nerd like that).

This month Netflix has started digital streaming the animated movie Mia & the Migoo. What is this you ask?  This is a French animated film that centers on a young girl who receives a premonition within a dream one night, and then sets out on the following morning on a journey from her mother’s grave site to find her father who left his family back in search of work. The film is around an hour and a half and length, but every minute is packed full of beautiful art sequences created with pastels, color pencils and even chalk. The art style is a little rough  and no this won’t resemble any twentieth century Disney animated film you may have witnessed in the past but the roughness in the art, combined with the creative score of the film, make it all the more believable and true to the story and setting of the feature.

With the art style covered, let’s go back to the story, shall we?

The story is a very childlike and innocent one, laced with enough undertones and adult-themed moments that will have you scratching your head whether to show the flick to your child (or grandchild, or nephew or whatever). Keep in mind that this is a French animated film and their culture is different, just like any other culture in the world differs from the next. Another thing to keep in mind is that the downside to this film (and it is the only downside to this feature) is that since this is a traditionally animated feature, and being a foreign animated feature at that, the voice lip syncing will fall  out of place at times. With that flaw being pointed out, I still urge you, if you call yourself a film/animation buff, to check this gem out.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget to mention the cast.

The cast is quite expansive for an independent foreign film, but nonetheless it consists of actors  like Mathew Modine, Whoopi Goldberg. and voice acting industry vet John DiMaggio. Also, did I mention that Wallace Shawn (the Dinosaur from the Toy Story trilogy) lends his voice to film as well?

All in all, Mia and the Migoo is a very imaginative title that may stick with most of you adults more so than the children watching. With its gorgeous art style and soundtrack mixed with adult and child like themes, Mia and The Migoo is a great film for all movie buffs out there.

I definitely enjoyed this piece of animated magic. Enjoy your snowpacalypse everyone!

Image Credit: GKDIS Films

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