Microsoft And Google To Sue US Government
September 7, 2013

Microsoft And Google To Sue US Government

Oh how have the tables turned!

A government that has been collecting secret information for some time has had someone named Edward Snowden spill the beans and now once bitter rivals have teamed up to fight a bigger fight together than one on their own.

Video game and tech news site IGN reports that tech giants Microsoft and Google have stood together to file a lawsuit against the U.S., fighting for their rights to “speak more freely.” How much more freely should they be speaking? Evidently freely enough to share with the populous exactly what information is being handed over to the government and its departments, like the NSA (which hasn’t had a happy track record as of recently). The way things are right now, companies like Microsoft and Google can only share numbers (that’s right, numbers) with all of us. What good does that do us?

Absolutely none, that’s how much good, productivity or knowledge that gives us.

That only lets us know how many people have had information collected on them (which is somewhere in the tens of millions, I’m sure).

So, why exactly are two bitter enemies teaming up this time? It is anyone’s guess at this point in time. But, you could say that they are taking these actions just from the out pouring of kindness in their hearts and the joy of giving the United States Citizens the information that they desperately want to know. But, could it be just a publicity stunt to bring better “good press” to their side of the fence, seeing as this is a popular talking point among people right now and anything that is anti-NSA is bound to get a round of applause from somewhere.

Or, maybe this is all part of a bid to raise social awareness of snooping government entities and probably the companies taking the first steps in action to protect the constitution’s rights before we, the people, (yes I just did that) start being more proactive in our own democracy.

But, then again the whole kindness of their hearts thing does sound a hell of a lot simpler.

As of this moment the government collects our information through all (if not the majority) of Microsoft’s and Google’s services, like Gmail, YouTube, Google/Bing searches and Microsoft Office documents, among others.

If this lawsuit goes the way in favor of the tech giants then, in theory, we would be able track down which piece of our own files or information were shared with the government.

But what do you out there think? Is this a move to support the freedom of speech or a move to get good press? Whatever the case may be, if things go in our favor we can be a lot more open to knowing exactly what information is being collected from us.

It is a definite that we live in the information age and we should enjoy the perks of our time.

Have a different opinion on the way this case is going?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Alexander Mak / Shutterstock

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