Microsoft Bringing ‘Beloved’ Franchise To PC
December 24, 2013

Microsoft Bringing ‘Beloved’ Franchise To PC

Microsoft is still trying to keep their games division from falling into another pit of shame by announcing that they are bringing a beloved franchise to PC, that is, to Windows 8. What could the game be? Are we receiving the entire series of said game or are we salivating over a six-month period to be given the entire package?

As far as we know, and as far as IGN has reported, that beloved franchise could be Hello Kitty Island Adventures (just kidding), although I don’t remember seeing that game on the Xbox Live store.

This news comes after some brief silence from the company on how they’re going to maintain a stronghold in their PC division. The digital world is in full force for the video games industry, and I think Microsoft is missing the big picture here, again. By making whatever this game is Windows 8 exclusive, they’ve only sealed off millions of players who haven’t bothered with going to purchase Windows 8.

Is that such a bad thing?

Well, yeah.

They might have better development and quicker load times with Windows 8, but many PC gamers still aren’t convinced that making a switch in operating systems is such a great idea. That and this news comes in direct rivalry with Valve’s Steam OS, which isn’t even intending on having exclusive games and software. Much of the PC population belongs to Valve, and that population all collectively shouts openness and freedom to develop on whatever software that they choose without corporate bullshit.

I don’t think Microsoft’s above itself yet.

So what ‘beloved’ franchise can we be on the lookout for?

My money’s on the Halo franchise for obvious reasons, but my options also branch out to Gears of War and the Crackdown series. I don’t think the latter is likely to make a return to the Xbox platform or even PC after the sequels less than desired criticism back in 2010. Still, if Crackdown is on its way to PC then you can probably cross my name off of the ‘Stubborn Bastards’ list for Windows 8.

You hear me? I’ll buy the damn thing if Crackdown makes its way to PC, and with that being said, I seriously don’t think Crackdown is coming to PC.

But still, they said “franchise.”

The last choice on this list is Gears of War, a franchise I haven’t played in years. Having Gears of War ported to PC means that we’ll have a larger audience of strategy gamers that can urge on a possible strategy game set on the planet of Sera on PC. I would say that the most likely of candidate on this list is Gears of War, seeing as Epic Games are in love with the PC community and the Halo trilogy isn’t finished yet.

Who knows? More on this news as events unfold.

Image Credit: ollyy / Shutterstock

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