Microsoft Is Doing It Wrong
February 14, 2013

Microsoft Is Doing It Wrong

No, not like that, you dimwits!! You know you can’t win a console generation with Xbox Live fees. Shame on you!

Microsoft has had negative feedback from fans and enemies alike since the dawn of the Xbox. Surely we can recognize their formidable accolades. They stood their ground when Apple was barking down their door in the 80s for the right to be called Computer Technology King. It doesn’t really matter who won, because despite any victory, the reputation will paint an ideal picture of who they are for decades to come.

Take the original marketing ads from Microsoft and Apple, for example. Amongst Apple’s ability to make popularity and ergonomic strength to the company lies the ability to draw a clear line of demographic difference. For example, the controversial 1984 commercial ad from Apple was one of the first times they had taken their populace separation seriously. The ad borrowed its elements from 1984’s Big Brother scene where the people take the daily word of influence.

A group of pale bald guys watch the screen while a short-haired blonde runs down the aisle with no bra on for everyone to see. She’s escaping law enforcement, and aptly tosses a hammer into the screen, shattering the influence of Big Brother. At this point the screen shatters and an explosion erupts.

You know, because screens explode when you throw things at them.

A man voices the arrival of the Apple Macintosh and hints that the year of 1984 won’t be like the book 1984. You can imagine how awesome this must have seemed to a group of people who had just finished the first Star Wars trilogy.

This commercial spoke a lot about where Apple was with the crowd, but spoke even louder about how it viewed PC users. We consider PC users anyone who uses a computer that isn’t a Mac, and that means that Apple had to fight the entirety of the computer market to establish themselves as a unique brand. Their motive revolved around trying to be different, but what could be said about Microsoft at this time?

Joachim Kempins thinks Micrsoft is heading into a downwards spiral to fiery death if they continue on the same path that they’ve been going for the past decade. For those of you who don’t know, Kempin was an executive at Microsoft from 1983 until his resignation around 2003. He claims that Microsoft’s issue at the moment is that they can’t take their noses out of the console market.

Economically speaking, Sony and Microsoft don’t make real money off of console sales. The reason for that is because hardware, even priced at $300, is very steep in price. The manufacturers can’t pull in a decent amount of profit while providing gamers with photo-realistic experiences.

What I don’t understand is why Microsoft tries so hard to maintain a console presence when they already have a high reputation as a software company. Their newest operating system, Windows 8, released just last year. While it hasn’t garnered the attention or customer satisfaction that they had hoped for, a nice big smile can be drawn across their faces at more than 60 million licenses sold.

In theory, Microsoft could do whatever they wanted to do without the hassle of profit losses with the Xbox 360, and the company doesn’t have much support from its peers with that venture.

Their newest design of Windows 8 is very similar to the Xbox 360 dashboard, which had a very bubbly icon interface that was simple and easy to use. For some, it was completely out of Rockstar’s character to launch a product with a design like that.

I think that the reputation with Microsoft and its ‘uncreative’ board of directors borrowing their creative ideas from the competition is a clear sign that they need to refocus their company’s direction. Kempins says that they need to go back to their roots and I can’t think of an objection to his statement.

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