December 2, 2012

Monkey Poop Beans Make The Best Coffee

Turns out Starbucks really doesn’t have the best coffee in the world. My ice vanilla latte fix may just have to wait on the sideline as I peer my eyes on this.

I love coffee.

Well, actually I have more of an indebted liking to coffee-it strikes me as one of those beverages that you inevitably have to come across once or twice in your lifetime. Kinda like cars-I’m not really a car enthusiast but I need transportation from A to B. And people need coffee like their metaphysical transportation to push them through their day! Especially here in Texas: Where the height of everyone’s week is the direction the cow tips in.

Oh that wasn’t fair.

OK, it’s not a cow. It’s a cattle.

One aspect of Southern living that Texans make themselves very familiar with is their coffee. Creme and two sugars, Ice Mocha Frap, Cherry Cream Latte-the flavors and experimentation can go on for days and days until the cows (Cattle) come home. Actually, the variety in coffee flavors spans in the tens of thousands!!! But how far does one actually want to go to attain the “Best” flavored coffee?

Or does the “Best” flavor actually exist?

Does the difference in everyone’s taste buds mean anything when the subject pertains to a taste test? My friends prefer a cafe just ten minutes away from me that tends to do their coffee a lot more sweet than any Starbucks you’ve ever heard of. What interests me so much is that everyone customer that I’ve either advised or seen walk into that cafe has walked out completely amazed by the explosion of flavor from their choice.

Is it the amount of sugar? A certain coffee bean? Maybe an extra boost of caffeine or heated water in its brewing?

Branching away from this, lets look at Starbucks faithfuls. I generally prefer to stay away from Starbucks because of the lack of sugar, yet I notice many people who visit regularly for the caffeine. Does Starbucks pack more caffeine then sugar than the other? Is that even the deciding factor in people declaring themselves Starbucks faithfuls?

Its unlikely that I’ll find the answer anytime soon, but in the mean time we have yet another wonder ingredient to ponder.

It’s monkey poop.

Not kidding.

In an article that you can read here, we are introduced to the Asian Palm Civet-a cute and furry little guy/girl that loves to feast on red beans and berries in the jungles of South East Asia. They find the a batch of ripe ones and get right to chewing on juices. But just like the digestion of corn with humans, these berries cannot be digested by the Civet. However, their stomach acid deteriorates the sheer bitterness of the berry and they poop out what people refer to as an incredibly delicious bean.

They ground the bean into power and boil it in water, drink it, and voila!!!

Consumers claim that its the best tasting coffee in the world. So fantastic in taste in fact that a single cup sells for thirty dollars in Japan and certain US coffee shops. Its called Kopi Luwak.

A very remarkable tale and really disgusting story worthy of a few stomach vomits. But more or less, you should all give Kopi Luwak a try, and tell us what you think!!!

And try not to vomit.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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