Monsters University Review (Part 2)
June 28, 2013

Monsters University Review (Part 2)

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We’re continuing the review of Disney’s latest animated film, Monsters University. Surprisingly, this movie has taken me for a wild ride across the various themes presented in these films, as they are appropriate for younger audiences. I can’t exactly gauge that appropriateness due to Monster’s University’s (MU) use of mature themes.

It’s not as bad as breasts and inappropriate representations of each monster and their particular gender. Rather, the film runs very swiftly on a thin line between enthusiastic courage and the inevitable truth that some people are not built for the careers that they desire. So, what is one to do when they can’t muster up to the stature and competition of his peers? For Mike Wazowski, it’s all about tedious planning, hard work, and a requirement of constant transformation of your mind.

Wazowski does this without fail.

He’s a three foot tall green goblin/demon/whatever you call it that can’t pull as many screams as, shall we say, James. Be that as it may, Mike trades in his scary boots for a quick mind and a silver tongue, always light on his feet, always trying to outsmart the unimaginable circumstances that plague his quests to be a Scarer. While commercial ads have made the film seem like a nostalgic blast from the past, being there in the front row seat will remind you of how magical it is to see a film on its matinee release.

Not only this, but Monsters University also looks to further innovate the wonders of great 3D animation with awesome character design. My favorite aspect of the movie was in that the animators recognized what makes humans of all ages simply smile in adornment. The rounded shaped monsters will bounce and squeeze through tight spaces with a deceptively adorable effort, while the slithering thin mint monsters will creep and crawl while their feet pitter and patter in the shadows of where they used to be. But basic shape, and its relationship with the actor’s vocal interpretation, isn’t the only thing behind Monsters University.

The head Dean of the college is a hybrid of a crawling cockroach (think lower half) and a European dragon. Her skin glows mahogany and the bone marrow in her head stretches backwards from her face to give her a seasoned and weathered appearance. Combining the right eyeball designs and voice talent turned her character into a truly terrifying character to view.

This pattern of attention to characters is simply legendary. If you’re having troubles understanding whether to see it or not, GO SEE IT!!! Monsters University is a wonderful visual adventure for all audiences, both young and old, to view with their friends and loved ones.

Image Credit: Pixar / Disney

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