More About The Wolverine
August 22, 2013

More About The Wolverine

A few days ago a friend and I went to go check out the new Wolverine movie. I’ve got to say the effects in it were awesome. Technology wise, this movie rocked my world. They brought out as many special effects as they could. The sounds and the lighting had you on the edge of your seat the entire time. As for the set, Wolverine brought something completely original in the X-Men series. The movie was entirely done in Japan, meaning this film did not move around all over the world like most other X-Men films, which I thought was pretty neat.

The movie was capable of keeping the audience entertained, including those that are not hardcore fans of the X-Men series and even the viewers that had never read and/or watched any of the other media pieces released. However, on a comic book fan level, it really didn’t fulfill my expectations. The producers seemed to incorporate and combine a lot of new characters that haven’t been on the big screen from the comic books without giving them the proper background story or storyline they deserved. For example, there was one character that they had at the very beginning, and in bit and pieces throughout the movie, but didn’t really make an impact on the film to the very end. (Spoiler Alert) I don’t know if they were aiming to incorporate the Silver Samurai into the film or if the character they added at the end just has ridiculous similarities to the Silver Samurai. Either way, as a Silver Samurai fan, they completely destroyed his story line. Instead of making him a mutant, as stated in the comics, they just made him a robot like thing that is quickly destroyed by Wolverine. All in all, the Silver Samurai was alive for about five minutes before he was killed off. I understand the reason why he was killed off, but as a legendary X-Men character he deserved some more time on the big screen. Another character that kind of disappointed me was Viper. Unlike the Silver Samurai, Viper was present through out the movie and played a strong part in the story line; however, the actually characteristics of her persona where under played in my opinion.

Despise the few things I just mention, the movie over all was pretty great. I had I great time and I would probably go watch it again if I had time.

Image Credit: Marvel / 20th Century Fox

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