Morgan Plus 8 Speedster Limited Edition 2014
April 30, 2014

Morgan Plus 8 Speedster Limited Edition 2014

I have noticed that many auto manufacturers are making special edition and limited edition models that look similar in style to their older models. Although they have the looks of a classic car, they have the technology of present day with higher output engines, improved suspensions and so on.

Morgan has been manufacturing vehicles for 100 years and, as a tribute, they are producing a special edition Plus 8 Speedster. Our friends at Top Speed helped us to share the following information.

The 2014 Plus 8 Speedster doesn’t look like any other sports car manufactured today, but it has most of the bells and whistles featured in them. Production is set for this June and the first vehicles to be available later in the year at a price of around $117,000. It may sound like a high price to pay, but for special editions, and compared to other sports car, it’s relatively inexpensive.

Power comes from a BMW 4.8-L V-8 engine that pushes out 367 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque. Choices of transmissions are either a six-speed manual or a ZF six-speed automatic. The combination allows the Plus 8 to sprint to a 0-62 mph time of 4.2 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 148 mph. It is 0.3 seconds faster from 0-62 than the base model, but is seven mph slower on the top end.

The Morgan Plus 8 halted production in 2004, but made a rebirth in 2011. The 2014 Plus 8 base model turns a 4.5 second 0-62 time and hit’s a top speed of 155, all while getting 32.2 miles per gallon highway.

The chassis is aluminum for an unmatched power to weight ratio to aid in the performance while also having road-gripping handling. Each of the vehicles produced is in the Morgan tradition of customized options personalized by the buyer. For the 100-year Plus 8 Edition, a series of styling features will only be available on the 2014 model only.

The Morgan Car Co. hand builds each of their cars in the classic style of the 1940s. Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan started the company in 1910 and the factory is located on Pickersleigh Road in Malvern, Worcestershire, England. The company employs 163 people and produced 640 cars in 2007. Because their cars are built by hand, there is a waiting list of two to three years, but in the past as much as a ten-year wait was expected.

Henry designed and built a car in 1909 for his own use and a year later began to produce vehicles for sale to the public. He ran the company until 1959, when he died at the age of 77. His son, Peter Morgan, took over operations and when he died in 2003, for the first time, a non-family member ran the company. In 2006, Peter’s son Charles was part of a four-man team and in 2010, Charles was appointed director and again it was family run until 2013 when Charles was removed.

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