December 2, 2012

Move Over Griswolds: ‘Gangnam Style’ Christmas Light Show

Trans Siberian Orchestra is always a classic for Christmas light shows but, Austin Texas’ own, John Storms, a self proclaimed “Christmas lights enthusiast,” chose to set his 2012 creation to Psy’s mega-hit, “Gangnam Style.”

Everybody’s got one of those neighbors. You know, the Griswolds. The folks across the street that take a week to put up all their lights, inflatables, and other miscellaneous decor, yeah, those guys. They go overboard more and more every year; yet somehow manage to add something else to their obnoxious collection.

This guy is special though. His imagination thought up an idea that came in just the right time, and now he’s reaching internet fame with 1.5 million YouTube views in a week, and the number’s still climbing.

Gangnam Style was an overnight sensation worldwide, thanks in part to their ridiculous video, but even though none of us know what the hell he’s saying, the beat is really catchy, and something about the song just has staying power.

That’s not to say it’s not played out, because it definitely is; with over 100 different parody videos scattered across the net, from Romney Style to US Navy renditions, everybody and their dog has seen at least one, and the popularity doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon-it recently became the single most watched video of all time on YouTube, an accomplishment that’s nothing to scoff at.

John Storms, on the other hand, has a delightfully refreshing holiday take on the song that doesn’t include any goofy dancing. He’s tuned his Christmas lights (Notice I keep calling them Christmas lights, not holiday lights. That’s no coincidence!) to flash, blink, and fade to the rhythms of Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, and it was tastefully done.

I actually live across the street from a family who my wife and I jokingly call “the Griswolds” come Christmas time, and Mr. Storm is not really that guy. His lights aren’t too much (like the ones above in the featured image, geez Louise that’s A-LOT of crap!) and I’m sure most folks would agree, especially those with neighbors like mine.

Mr. Storm has been featured on local News outlets in past years for his incredibly memorable lightshows, but this one takes the cake-the fruit cake, that is. He wrote, “Needless to say we were very surprised and somewhat overwhelmed at the attention this video received. With over 1 million hits in a week the video appeared on CNN, FoxNews, GMA, Today, plus a host of local news outlets across the globe. The only thing left is for PSY himself to come dance with the lights.” on Listen to Our Lights.

Listen to Our Lights is a group of Christmas Light Enthusiasts in the Austin, Texas area that likes to do it big-real big. That’s how we do it in Texas for those of you who don’t already know. They’ve drummed up so much attention in recent years that now they’re asking the people of the Austin area not to come see the shows, rather to just enjoy them as they’re posted on their site.

I’ll be doing some research on how exactly this is done, and if I can find something worthy of sharing, it’ll be posted soon.

Disclaimer for the lady across the street: Although I doubt you read my blogs, just in case you do, my jokes about your decorations were simply in the fun of creatively writing-your decorations are great and inspired my wife and I to step up our game this year. If my house gets egged, I’ll know it was your son.

Image Credit: romakoma / Shutterstock

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