Movie Review: Man of Steel
June 24, 2013

Movie Review: Man Of Steel

Superman. Where does he come from? Why? What happened to his home planet? These are all questions the new movie Man of Steel answered.

A few days after the release of the new movie Man of Steel, I decided to go watch the movie to see what all the hype was about. I had heard two different opinions on what the movie was like. For some people it was great, and for others not so much.

The movie starts off in Krypton, focuses there for a bit then we are brought to his life on earth. This movie is basically an origin movie without explicitly saying it is. Many people that I had talked to didn’t like the fact that they focused so much on the origin of superman and Krypton at the beginning. That sole reason however, amongst a few others, is why I enjoyed the movie so much.

The director, Zach Synder, and the screenplay writers, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan, figured out the perfect balance between action and storyline from the very beginning. Never once during the movie was I confused as to why anything was happening. It really irritates me when movies add a scene of action with no real relation to the storyline; to me it is like when Jacob from Twilight kept taking his shirt off for no reason what so ever, just to add attractive points to the film, so more women would go watch it.

I absolutely loved the fact that they explained exactly why Krypton was destroyed. I love almost everything and anything that has to do with science-fiction, but nothing makes me happier then when science fiction actually makes sense. In the movie Man of Steel, the reason planet Krypton is destroyed is because the inhabitants start using the core of the planet as fuel, speeding up the process of the planet’s implosion. This explanation makes a lot more sense from a scientific point of view then just saying the planet was destroyed, and not giving an explanation.

The one thing that I still don’t understand from Superman is his laser vision. I can understand his super strength speed and agility, but is it even possible for him to have laser vision? Wouldn’t that just burn his retinas off? Maybe this is one battle I will never win against science fiction; after all, it is fiction.

Whether you are a fan of Superman or just want to watch a pretty cool movie this month, I really recommend you watching Man Of Steel at some point, who knows you might enjoy it as much or even more then I did.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. / Legendary Pictures / Syncopy

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