Movie Review: Warm Bodies
February 12, 2013

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

I walked into the movie theater with preparation for disappointment and the desire to shoot myself in the foot.

I’m a realistic kind of moviegoer; ultimately, I love a movie that forces me to respect it. But gimmicks like action and teenage love triangles aren’t my cup of tea, which is why I spent the previous few hours planning to get from under my girlfriend’s arms and to the nearest toilet.

I was going to run there.

But as the beginning credits slid across the screen my emotions and pessimism just vanished.

Meet “R.” R is a zombie. He has a wonderful inner monologue that makes you think that his speech impediment might actually just be a working of his body’s natural decay of the nervous system. He only speaks in one-worded sentences, and only has one friend in the abandoned airport that he roams around every day.

Each day is basically the same, consisting of R walking painfully slowly through baggage claim and Starbucks in search of collectibles to decorate the cabin that he’s customized. He’s a zombie, but something in his mind prevents him from being just that.

The world has been overrun by an apocalypse of brain-eating zombies for about eight years now. R isn’t sure how this apocalypse began, or much less his own name. On top of this, R can’t recall what job he worked, or whether he had a family or not. But R has a wonderful way of reading people.

It’d be nice if he didn’t crave brains all the time.

This movie harbored the strangest aspects of a zombie flick that I’ve ever seen. It still captured the creepiness and disgust of the typical flesh eater, but somehow throughout the movie we only feel a lot of sympathy and love for them. Speaking on sympathy, the actual story of this selection proved to us all that a zombie film doesn’t automatically suck in the narrative department.

Since its horror, you shouldn’t be surprised to see R eat a few handful of brains every now and then. In fact, there’s a very good reason that he and other zombies like him feed on the brains of humans that is elaborated on more throughout the movie. His motives are very emotional and sympathetic and ultimately you’ll be left with an inner connection with him.

Is this weird? Well, of course it is!

The beauty of movies to day is that society has evolved from the prude cabbage patch kids that we were back in the 50’s. Our preferences have changed, and it shows a considerable amount of visible attachment to the characters. Ultimately, it’s a romance tale, and even borrows its character elements from Romeo & Juliet.

It’s not like anybody else in the theater minus my lady and I got that though.

The majority of the audience consisted of teenage girls. This wasn’t so typical as a big part of the films marketing and advertisement showcased the selection as a romance flick. But Warm Bodies is far from a chick flick; even the guys can develop a serious bit of love for the film.

Warm Bodies is a great all around movie to watch, whether that be with your old lady or with your best friends. It falls short in some departments, but they’re so abysmal that it’s not even worth mentioning.

All around I say the movie is great. Not perfect, but it’s damned good fun.

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