December 21, 2012

Movies To Watch Before The Mayan, Biblical Or Zombie Apocalypse (Part 3)

The apocalypse is very trendy now; people are eating away at the idea of a Zombie apocalypse, others are getting ready for the Mayan apocalypse, and let’s not forget the OG; the biblical apocalypse. Now I don’t believe in any of these, but if you do; then you need to start taking it seriously and start making some important decisions. Like the last movies you will ever see. Let’s face it, if you are a Mayan apocalypse believer then your time is running out rapidly. Don’t spend your last days with friends and family, watch a movie and escape reality a little, because reality must suck right now for you.

And if you believe in the zombie or biblical apocalypse, that could happen at any moment. So say the right words to God, or stock up on ply wood and fire; but make sure you see some key movies before you are whisked away to the sky, or before you are eaten.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be counting down all the way to number one.

This is not necessarily a thirty “greatest of all time” list, although some movies fit that bill too, but this list is far better. Example: Citizen Kane may be a superior movie than the Princess Bride, technically speaking, but the Princess Bride is way more entertaining to watch.

I will make sure that the list is completed by 12/21 just in case.

The Top 30 Must Watch Movies before dying in an apocalypse (continued)

17. Rocky

Image Credit: United Artists

One of the best heartwarming stories of our time, Rocky is a movie for the whole family. Not only did it make a huge impact in our hearts, but it did in our pop culture as well. If you are having a bad day and need a pick-me-up or need inspiration, just stick this movie in and let the story and soundtrack motivate you.

Yo Adrienne!

16. Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Definitely the best of the six Star Wars movies, and the darkest, the Empire Strikes Back is a must-see for any Sci-Fi fan. This was the episode where Luke found out Vader was his father, lost his hand, and we got to see more of the Emperor and Vader the man himself. From beginning to end, unlike other Star Wars films, is filled with action and intrigue.

15. The Princess Bride

Image Credit: Act III Communications

One of the greatest family stories ever told is hands down the Princess Bride. It has everything, a hot princess, pirates, giants, comedy, one-liners, it’s inconceivable. This movie not only entertains from beginning to end, it leaves you wanting to watch it repeatedly as it does exactly what a movie is supposed to do, entertain us and make us escape.

As you wish…

14. The Goonies

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

This movie still makes me wish today that my friends would ring my bell, do the truffle shuffle, and then I would have an apparatus tied to the gate to let them in. The cast was incredible, as normally a bunch of children actors would make me want to die, but these kids pulled it off. We got a very funny comedy that’s filled with adventure and a story that warms our hearts.

13. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Image Credit: New Line Cinema

I am a fan of all four of the Hobbit movies, but I feel the one just released truly takes the cake. It really captures the essence of what a Hobbit is, and brings the battles to life. If you can, see it in iMax 3D, although don’t fall asleep because you may wake up with a fireball in front of your face and then you spill your drink on the pants you just bought and the fruit punch stain won’t come out…trust me.

12. Carlito’s Way

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Carlito’s Way is one of Al Pacino’s best movies and is not brought up enough. With an equally stellar performance by Sean Penn, this movie has all the ingredients for a solid film; love, gangsters, action, suspense, drama, and Sean Penn with a fro to boot. I have probably watched this movie over five hundred times since it first came out, and I am still not tired of it. Pacino gives the character of Carlito depth and his story is one of hope, love, and friendship, and the perils that can come with friendship. At least if you have friends who are gangster attorneys.

Okay…I’m reloaded.

11. Se7en

Image Credit: New Line Cinema

I first saw this movie in the theater and I remember after the first five minutes, three young women in front of me getting up and leaving. That’s when you know you have a great film. I really enjoyed the symbolism of this movie. The director reduces the graphic visuals as the movie progresses, the first crime they show everything; the obese man with veins exploded, naked, lying face down, dead in his own food. The last crime hardly shows anything, just a brown box with a dot of blood, yet it’s the most terrifying of all the scenes since we know it’s the head of the detective’s wife and our imagination takes it from there. The movie has so many great parts but the speech at the end given by Kevin Spacey is still one of my favorites. Seven is one of those movies where you never forget that you saw it, it never falls through the cracks, and the meaning still gives viewers goose bumps.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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