December 13, 2012

Movies To Watch Before The Mayan, Biblical Or Zombie Apocalypse

The apocalypse is very trendy now; people are eating away at the idea of a Zombie apocalypse, others are getting ready for the Mayan apocalypse, and let’s not forget the OG; the biblical apocalypse. Now I don’t believe in any of these, but if you do; then you need to start taking it seriously and start making some important decisions. Like the last movies you will ever see. Let’s face it, if you are a Mayan apocalypse believer then your time is running out rapidly. Don’t spend your last days with friends and family, watch a movie and escape reality a little, because reality must suck right now for you.

And if you believe in the zombie or biblical apocalypse, that could happen at any moment. So say the right words to God, or stock up on ply wood and fire; but make sure you see some key movies before you are whisked away to the sky, or before you are eaten.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be counting down all the way to number one.

This is not necessarily a thirty “greatest of all time” list, although some movies fit that bill too, but this list is far better. Example: Citizen Kane may be a superior movie than the Princess Bride, technically speaking, but the Princess Bride is way more entertaining to watch.

I will make sure that the list is completed by 12/21 just in case.

The Top 30 Must Watch Movies before dying in an apocalypse

30. The Breakfast Club

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

This is a feel good comedy-drama that deals with the angst and many issues teenagers go through. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten up on the weekend, turned on the TV, and set the remote down when I saw this was playing. The soundtrack is classic with the hit song, Don’t You Forget About Me, by Simple Minds. One of the many timeless hit movies to come out of the 80s and a great cast compiling many of the actors from the Brat Pack era. From comedic moments that have you laughing out loud, to equally dramatic moments that will have you empathizing with the characters, The Breakfast Club is a classic.

29. American Graffiti

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

If there was ever a movie that had me wishing I lived in a different era, this movie would be it (aside from Star Wars). The storyline all takes place in one night, the last night of summer. A group of friends spend one last night together before their lives go in separate directions. We get to see a very young star studded cast of Richard Dreyfus, Ron Howard, Cyndy Williams, and Harrison Ford. American Graffiti embodies the youthful spirit and mind as these youths struggle with change, acceptance, love, sex, and share many moments that will have you laughing and sometimes tearing up. And if you are an oldies music genre fan, then this soundtrack is a must have as it features the OG MC himself; Wolfman Jack (who also appeared in the film).

28. Clue

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

This movie is not mentioned enough, unless it’s on an underrated list of awesome movies not mentioned enough. Based on the Parker Brothers board game, Clue delivers a cast and a dialogue that will have you glued to your sets from start to finish. The humor and dry wit is unparalleled to any other movie of its kind. Hands down this has to be the best role that Tim Curry has ever taken on, even more so than the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Who can forget his reenactment of the circumstances that storming evening in the murderous mansion, as he demonstrated who killed Mr. Body in the hilarious climatic ending? And three different endings were offered in the movie and you never knew which one you were going to get when you bought your ticket, innovative to this very day and unheard of.

This movie is a must for anyone who loves to quote movies as this is filled with one -liners from beginning to end.

27. Predator

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film

Predator is a film that in its time had riveting and innovative special effects. With an original storyline, and co-stars like Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers joining Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead, Predator is one of the best action flicks of our time. What made this refreshing is that we were used to seeing Arnold being the bad MF’r in his movies, where in this movie, he was not only the underdog; he got his ass kicked all through it. Of the Predator franchise the original is still the superior. And who can forget the ending lines:

Arnold: What the hell are you?

Predator (in response): What the hell are you?

26. The Reflecting Skin

Sometimes it’s good to watch a movie that makes you think; WTF did I just watch? It’s one of those movies that you learn a little more about it and it’s symbolism the more you watch it. There are parts of this film that will make you chuckle out loud, parts that will make you cry, and parts that will have you confused. Special thanks to my dad for turning me on to this underrated and under-discussed flick. The ending scene is still one of the most powerful endings to a movie that I have ever seen.

Featured Image Credit: Photos.com

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