February 5, 2013

Mozilla’s New Smartphones

Well, you knew it was coming. In a bloodthirsty market for the consumer’s hard-earned money, it is not a far-fetched idea to think the Gingerbread Man might be releasing a phone sometime soon. Heck, even The Muffin Man might have a gadget or two up his sleeve to be released upon millions of unsuspecting consumers.

All I am saying is, in this smartphone industry, you don’t know who just might tip their hat into the ring. It’s really anybody’s game.

But a more reliable competitor than both the Gingerbread and Muffin Men has appeared to fire its first shot at tackling this frenzy of a market. Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox web browser, has announced they have decided to apply their talents to this frenzied fight with a haymaker, or should I say two haymakers.

It seems they not only have just a smartphone hitting the market, but two (because two are better than one, everyone knows this). That was just the first haymaker. The second is that the pair of phones (named the Keon and Peak) will not run on Android but will run on Mozilla’s own original operating system. Seems pretty cool, doesn’t it?

For the time being, it seems us normal folk won’t be getting our hands on these bad boys until later this year, while the developers are patiently (and by patiently, I mean peeing their pants in pure excitement) waiting for the UPS guys to drop the products off at their front doors. Mozilla says they are doing this in the hopes that third party development of apps and other intangibles will have a huge community from the jump.

The Keon has a nearly four-inch screen and comes equipped with the Snapdragon S1 processor. The Keon also sports a 3-megapixel camera for all of those Kodak moments. The Peak looks to be wearing the pants in this relationship, all the while having the better perks. First off, the Peak sports a nearly four-and-a-half inch screen with the Snapdragon S4 processor to sit behind all of that eye candy goodness. Also, the Peak has an 8-megapixel camera. However, both of these devices carry four gigabytes of internal memory.

As for the Firefox OS, that is another story all its own. Details are pretty scarce on the operating system, but rumor has it that it is an open-source platform that can (and will) work with HTML 5. As a matter of fact, HTML 5 is looking to be the OS’s main standout feature.

Will this be the device that finally can claim the throne as a smartphone giant? Will this be the device that carves out its own battle lines between the iOS and Android operating systems? Better yet, do Mozilla and Firefox have enough clout to pull in an audience among consumers? Well, those are mighty fine questions, young grasshopper. But I guess we will soon see.

May the best operating system win.

Image Credit: Mozilla

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