My Worst Experience At A Game
April 6, 2013

My Worst Experience At A Game

Back in 2003, I joined a Dungeons & Dragons game group I met during my first years in college. The gamemaster was incredibly knowledgeable about the game, and at this point I had never been given the chance to be a player. I played a human sorcerer/eldritch knight; we had a half-elven rogue/psychic warrior, an elf ranger, and a human fighter. No healer to speak of, but we made due with lots of healing potions and the logic of “blow it up before it has a chance to hurt us.” The game was a lot of fun.

Then, once we were all nearing the upper levels of the game, we encountered our first dragon. It was a massive black dragon that fought smart, staying in the air to limit the effectiveness of our more “in your face” characters (namely the fighter and the rogue/psychic) and swooping in with claws, teeth, and it’s terrible acidic breath. It focused on our ranger first, taking him out of the fight, and then on the rogue/psychic. Once he was down too, my sorcerer cast a spell to give our fighter flight so the dragon would focus on him more than me. The battle went on for a good long while and we were finally starting to see signs of victory. The fighter, always one to take the greatest share of any win, demanded that I cast a spell of strength on him to make his blows hit harder so he could take down the beast. The dragon looked weak at this point, and it was my turn, so I decided “no, I’ll just take the swing myself,” and I lunged at the beast with my own sword. I missed. Then came the dragon’s turn and with a sweep of its tail, it took out the fighter. Boom. Dead. No more fighter. Whoops.

And suddenly there was a knife being pointed at me. Not in the game either, an actual knife being pointed at me. The player was so angry at his character being taken out due to my “selfishness,” that he pulled a knife on me. Fortunately, that is as far as it went. The gamemaster and the other players told him to calm down; that his character could be brought back to life via resurrection magic. We had the gold and a friend among the local clerics. Personally, I couldn’t believe that he was so furious that he would actually threaten physical harm to me because of what happened in a game. It’s only a game. He calmed down after a few minutes and we finished the fight. I finished off the dragon and revived the rest of the party with healing potions. Then we hauled the fighter’s body to the temple and the clerics revived him. That is where we ended the game for the night.

And that was the last time I went to game with that group.

Seriously, I love this hobby, but having a knife dawn on you… that’s like someone threatening to shoot you because you beat them at chess. It’s ridiculous.

And that is my worst experience at a game.

Image Credit: DJTaylor / Shutterstock

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