February 6, 2013

Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations – First 30 Minutes (Part 2)

This post is a direct continuation of a previous blog. You can check out Part 1 here.

Before we started our showdown, we declared whoever wins best two out of three has supremacy for the night. For the first fight Oscar chose Kakashi, and I chose the shadow manipulator Shikamaru. Now is when the game gets intense. In a Team Match, in addition to your fighting ninja, you’re also allowed to choose up to 2 support ninja, who jump in and perform a small attack or defensive maneuver to change up the pace of the game.

So in the first match, Oscar figures out how to use his support ninja like a master and totally disables me from doing anything to hurt him. He proceeds by taking a victory lap around the room while I’m screaming at the TV. Next round, I go ahead and choose Part II Naruto and Oscar uses the ‘living wall’ Jugo. Being familiar with how Naruto plays, I was able to beat him this time, leaving us at a 1-1 score. Wanting to have an epic final showdown, Oscar chooses Part I Naruto, and I chose Part I Sasuke, simulating a huge fight near the end of Part I of the series.

This was my favorite match, because near the end we discover the Awakening mode. As Oscar had me on the ropes, with half of my 2nd life bar left, I charge up my chakra to fully fill the chakra meter. The screen blurs and goes into a CGI cutscene where Sasuke is engulfed in black flame and emerges with huge hand-like wings on his back. This super-form of Sasuke is extremely fast and way more powerful than the original, throwing fire balls instead of ninja stars. With my newfound power I proceeded to firmly plant my foot up his posterior. I honestly wish we had recorded this session so I could share the pure fear in his voice. It was one of the greatest freakouts I had ever seen.

But, Oscar soon had his own Awakening mode unlocked, and he charged up to Naruto’s awakened state. He became cloaked in a blood-red chakra in the form of the Nine-Tailed Fox monster, and was way faster than my Winged Sasuke. To add insult to injury, my super-form wore off quickly after Oscar had turned his on. So now I decided to embrace the guerilla tactic of hit-and-run, seeing as we both had little health left. I summoned my support ninja Kakashi to jam a lightning blade down his throat to send Naruto flying. At the end of the night, I was victorious, and Oscar was confused about how I somehow won despite the odds stacked against me.

All in all, this game is magnificent. The environments are beautiful, the character models and fighting effects are very stylish and resemble that of the anime greatly. The music is great no matter what stage you play in. There’s a huge cast of characters and each one feels unique with their own jutsu and combos. The fighting system is deep and there are endless ways to play. There’s no way you could tell me this game isn’t a masterpiece. If you’re a fighting game fan, a Naruto fan, or both, go buy this game now. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Image Credit NAMCO

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