January 21, 2013

NASA’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ Planning New Do For Inauguration

The coolest guy to ever hit the viral network out of NASA is changing the very thing that made him so popular to begin with – “Mohawk Guy” will be getting a new hairdo.

Mohawk Guy, or Bobak Ferdowski, rose to his 15-minutes of fame back in August last year when the Mars Curiosity rover made its infamous landing on the Red Planet.

NASA’s Curiosity rover reached to new heights as it touched down on August 5th during one of the most daring attempts of a landing every perform.

During the “Seven Minutes of Terror,” Ferdowski was shown celebrating at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, equipped with a headset, mohawk, and stars shaved into the side of his head.

As news of Curiosity’s successful landing surfaced on media outlets, NASA engineers were shown throughout the newscasts erupting with emotion after their successful feat.

While the engineers were being shown, social media networks lit up with questions about who the cool NASA Mohawk Guy was.

The flight director’s Twitter account has since shot up to 55,000 followers on Twitter since the Mars Science Laboratory landing, and he has his hair to thank.

Ferdowski not only rose to fame in the eyes of the media, but also a few celebrities took notice, including President Barack Obama, who gave the Mohawk Guy a shout out after the Seven Minutes of Terror.

For the upcoming presidential inauguration, rumor says that Ferdowsi has a whole new do planned out for the parade.

The 30-year-old NASA engineer will be heading to Washington, along with other NASA teammates, in a full-size model of the Curiosity rover during the inauguration parade.

Ferdowski has been quoted by the LA Times that he is planning a new hairstyle for the momentous occasion, but isn’t giving any more details as to what he is planning. During the rover’s launch back in November 2011, the viral NASA engineer colored his faux-hawk red and gold to represent flames. In a sense, you could say that he tends to dress his hair for special occasions.

“It’s a surprise,” Ferdowski told the LA Times. “I’m hoping people will tune in to find out, but it will be something fun.”

In the mean time, we can only dream about what NASA’s most popular 30-year-old engineer will be planning for the event. Perhaps he’ll throw a little patriotic flare to mark the occasion.

Image Credit: NASA / Bill Ingalls

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