New Email Account
February 16, 2013

New Email Account

As a soon to be college graduate, I had to start looking at getting a new email account for personal and work related emails. A few months after graduation, the school closes the email account since the student no longer attends that school. After looking around I decided to go with Gmail. Nothing says “I’m not really serious” like an account on,, especially Not that you can’t also have one of those, but don’t use it professionally. In fact, I decided to open several new email accounts. One for professional stuff, one for friends and family, another for business and one for use as a junk store for those websites that fill your mailbox with spam and newsletters. Ideally, I would like to get my own private domain address in order to really up the professional vibe.

As someone who is going to be entering the world of education, I have been told that I should think about having a separate Facebook page for personal reasons, to talk to friends and family, and then a Facebook page for professional reasons. As the government continues to make it harder for students to become teachers in the state of Illinois and to keep their certification, it may be a good idea to do that. I have also been told that changing the Facebook name would make it harder for employers to find you, but I have also heard contradictory reports. As someone who is going to school to be a teacher, I find it extremely frustrating that the government thinks that they know how to run our public school systems. If the congressmen just stepped into a school they would realize that the system that is in place needs to change and the No Child Left Behind Act is not working and should be demolished. This being an election year, I am shocked that I do not see any of our candidates discussing this law and what they plan on doing to change the system. However, I do know that there are also other important matters that are on the American people’s minds right now. Like our economy! We have never experienced anything like this since the Great Depression. Thankful it is not as bad as it was back then.

Speaking of the Great Depression, the unemployment rate is very high, and this concerns young people like me who are getting ready to graduate school, find jobs, and start to pay back our student loans. What are we to do if we can’t find jobs? Become more in debt? I do not like to think that this is my only option and what to look forward to. Our government needs to do something to help the unemployment rate decrease. Our first step needs to be fixing our economy and financial situation. On a heavier note, I believe that the generation behind me is very innocent. They were either too young or not born yet when 9/11 occurred. I, on the other hand, was in Jr. High and remember that day like it was yesterday. These kids take for granted our freedom and do not understand that day even if they are being taught about it. They cannot and I don’t expect them to fully understand the significance of that day and the pain and sorrow the world felt. I know that I felt like my innocence was taken away because to this day I have a trouble taking off in airplanes. I have to tell myself repeatedly during takeoff that I will not die.

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