February 16, 2013

New Google Drive Option Aimed At Developers

A new change to Google Drive will make application developers happy. Google is more deeply integrating third-party apps into the Drive interface.

When hitting the “create” button, third-party applications now appear in a column right next to the native Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form or Drawing. Such apps can be found in the Chrome Web Store, which is just like the Mac App Store, except with web applications designed to run in Google Chrome.

For those who want to get more Drive-enable apps, Google has also included a highlighted link from within the applications tab. There are plenty of good ones to explore, such as photo editor Aviary or Google’s Script tool, which allows for some basic coding from within Drive.

This revamped menu is another way that Google is building Drive into a self-sustaining productivity suite. For me it has already replaced Microsoft Office for day-to-day use. I only use Office when I need to maintain fidelity with file formats or when others need a file in an Office format.

A robust Drive is also important to Google as an essential component of winning people over to Chromebooks. Whenever I explain the concept to someone, the first question is if they can install Word. While early adopters and tinkerers such as myself are comfortable with doing all writing or other productivity from within Drive, the idea of going without Word, Excel, or PowerPoint frightens some. The stronger that Drive is, the more comfortable the average consumer will feel about buying in to the cloud-based operating system.

Between what Google has done with its apps and third-party developers the possibility is there for a robust, useful office suite. Developer access is just as critical of a component.

Image Credit: Google Developers Blog

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