New GTA V Details From Rockstar Q&A
July 12, 2013

New GTA V Details From Rockstar Q&A

Heads up boys and girls! I’ve got a new chunk of details on Rockstargames’ upcoming free roaming extravaganza GTA V. Because of their tendency to push the limits and capabilities of the current HD consoles, we really didn’t see much content or context for that matter while driving around as Niko Bellic. GTA IV might have been a little less interesting than purple dildos and playing as a gangbanger looking to restore his family’s honor. On second thought, GTA San Andreas and Saints Row have a lot in common. Hmmm…

But worry not, because Rockstar has promised that GTA V will have the same amount of scale and content that San Andreas offered in comparison to GTA 3. Not only this, but we’re experiencing it in HD.

Apart from the obvious stuff, Rockstar answered a Q&A on their main website as part of a marketing campaign to quell the fires of negativity and settle some of our worries. Firstly, the game’s install will be required to play on both PS3 and Xbox 360. I’m not sure why the install is mandatory, but I know that you won’t be able to play the game unless you have at least 8 Gb of free hard drive space. This doesn’t really break any new barriers in gaming; most games on both consoles reach a maximum of 7-8 (much higher if you’re on PS3).

Players on 360 will have to deal with a two-disc inventory on their platform, while the PS3 has all of the game’s content on one disc. Install will occur only one time, and you will not be required to switch back and forward between each disc to play parts of the game. This is similar to 343 Industries method with installing multiplayer content with their release of Halo 4.

More details were given on the character switching in game feature, a new element of GTA games that allows you to freely (when you’re not on a mission) switch between all three characters, including your multiplayer avatar. While you might be thinking that long load times are in store for an element that has to track different character models in completely different parts of the game, the game actually utilizes hardware to make switching as easy as pressing a button. Pressing that button will take your camera to an eagle eye view and automatically find the character of your choice. After the character is found, you’ll be transported back into their bodies.

Now the interesting thing about this is that these characters aren’t just puppets for you to openly control and move; they have their own programming that allows them to go about their day doing whatever it is that they feel like doing. For example, transporting from Trevor to Michael might be as simple as a button, but Trevor could be laid out on a beach of streaming blood-cold, dead Lost biker bodies scattered here and there. Meanwhile, Michael could be somewhere in Los Santos charming three ladies for a cordial threesome.

You never know.

And finally, there’s still no update on a possible PC release of the game. Don’t worry, we’re still hopeful! Gamers will be able to enjoy Rockstar’s GTA V this upcoming September 17th.

Image Credit: Rockstargames

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