New Social Location App Ideal For Dating (Or Stalking)
April 22, 2014

New Social Location App Ideal For Dating (Or Stalking)

When you’re making plans with friends, or looking for a place to go on a date, how do you decide the location? A new app can help you find a place you both (or all) want to go. Or maybe it can help you track your crush while the target is out on a date.

Superb, an iTunes app developed by Grubwithus, Inc., is somewhat of a Facebook for locations. You and your friends “swipe” locations, and then you can look at the restaurants, bars and other hangouts that your friends like to go or want to go to. The description promises “Learn about must-try places around you from friends and people in the know.” So you can follow people that you don’t even know, and see the places they like to go get a drink.

The idea is that you can found out the “really cool” places, not just reviews from an app, that Superb would have you believe are all astroturf. Reuters reports that this app will help you hang out where the cool kids are.

“It’s all about hanging out in the real world and getting offline, and the best way to do that is to know where people want to go,” said Eddy Lu, co-founder and chief executive of Venice, California-based Superb, in the Reuters article.

There is a benefit in that you can use the app to decide on a restaurant that you and all of your friends want to go to, by looking to see the restaurants that pops up in the app as being swiped by everyone, or most of the people, invited on an evening out. Of course that means all of your friends have to sign up and use the app as well.

Superb may have some attributes, which is making a restaurant or bar choice easier. It may help people find that popular hotspot. It might help tip the odds in your favor on a date by selecting a restaurant that your date has swiped. But it might also make it possible for a stalker to get some valuable information. It could be possible to use the app to determine where your crush will go to have a few drinks one evening.

It is possible that Superb could be the next big dating app. Users could look to see where the cool kids hang out, and go there to find a match. It might help people determine if they are compatible if their swiped locations all line up.

Two other apps mentioned in the Reuters article, Sosh and Klutch, also help people find local hangouts. Sosh curates a list of events in cities so you can browse the events to find one to attend. So far it’s available in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Washington and New York.

Klutch helps users scan calendars to determine when and where everyone is meeting. When plans are finalized the app adds the event to everyone’s calendar.

Sosh and Klutch can more easily be locked down to friends with permission to view your input. Superb, however, might be a more open book. Sure it’s fun to see what restaurants and bars people are swarming to. But it quickly approaches that line where privacy goes away and people are also looking at your preferences.

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