New York International Children’s Film Festival
March 9, 2013

New York International Children’s Film Festival

If there’s one thing that is definitely noticeable about this generation it is that it’s unarguably evident that kids just don’t go out anymore. There are of course many reasons for this generational shift. Kids aren’t playing kickball, making new cool scars and showing them off to their friends (at least it was cool when I was little). Maybe this has changed since nowadays children are too busy being eight levels deep into their new video game. Perhaps the kids don’t go on field trips to places like the aquarium or the zoo since the school district nudged those little treats out of the budget or Mommy and Daddy are too busy handling the pressures of the modern work world so there’s no adventure time for the kid.

All of these predicaments are spiraling into a whirlwind of poor outcomes for the children of today and I’m sure you can imagine them quite vividly.

But if you are a parent out in this concrete jungle, fighting for a balance between work and play, then you are probably not concerned with the doom and gloom and are actively figuring out how to claw in some quality time and get your kid some adventure and fresh air. I mean, that’s why you work so hard for; to give your kid a memorable childhood, right?

Well, if you are anywhere near the east coast of the United States during the month of March, then you’re in luck, buddy. The New York International Children’s Film Festival has come to town and will run from the first through the 24th, so go ahead and pick a day to give your child a once in a lifetime experience (or at least once in a year experience).

The gist is that the NYICFF is just like any other film festival in the world. But if you are new to such events, here’s all you need to know; just think of a big movie theater playing all of those foreign and underground films that you don’t hear about until the Oscar Awards season. Now picture a crowd full of movie geeks (like myself) young and old, snickering to ourselves because we are starring at great films that the rest of the world won’t hear about for another year.

The New York Children’s International Film Festival works the same way except the fest showcases the best foreign and domestic animated, live action and experimental films in past few months or years in cinema.

I’m sure all of the films are quite spectacular but the must see film would have to be the show stealer and headliner for the entire festival, Ernest & Celestine. Simply put, it is an animated feature; you can imagine this is an instant win since the relationship between kids and cartoons has withstood the test of time.

You should take your child to check it out along with all the other great works of movie magic that the fest has to offer. You have nothing to lose because once they grow up you’re going to wish you had all that quality time back.

Image Credit: GKIDS

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