Next Call Of Duty Coming Nex-Gen
March 28, 2013

Next Call Of Duty Coming Next-Gen

Been craving another Call of Duty fix since the release of Black Ops 2 last year? Have you been crying in dispare over the next MLG champion of no-scoping? Do you like cats?

Look and worry no farther, because reliable sources have informed the head-honchos at IGN that the next release of Call of Duty will be released this year (not surprising) for next-gen consoles. It’s important to keep in mind that these are still just rumors, and thus still only speculation. However, the trusted source from veteran gamer (Insert Gamer Tag) informs us that the next release will be called Call of Duty: Ghosts, a play on Activision’s fascination with awesome names like ‘Modern’ and ‘Warfare’ and ‘2’.

YouTube user Drift0r also informs us that the game’s premise will be based in the not too distant future with humanity experiencing some political and military event that renders their current generation hardware obsolete. This event means that they’ll need to utilize old weapons and machinery; likely meaning that despite the fresh roots of a future setting, the game will use current hardware to save money.

Activision has just recently stated that with the transitioning console generation comes the issue of their annualized release cycle of Call of Duty, a factor that has not gone without some serious backlash from the gaming industry and analysts alike. While you might be thinking that Activision only spends less than a year developing a game, you’re sorely wrong. Actually, they spend a year and a half!

Big difference there.

A transition in the console generation means that they’ll have to turn their focus to actually developing a game with time and patience in mind. Is this the reason that Activision is so cross towards next generation console? Perhaps it is, but I think the bigger picture to be observed here is that next generation consoles will spell out easier and quicker developing cycles as well as improved aspects such as better graphics and more impressive technical features. Can Activision’s Call of Duty muster up to that expectation?

Well, of course they can!

The entire idea behind these guys releasing a new game each year to consistently break the $1 billion dollar mark is that they can still use that money to provide some much needed break and conceptualization time. The gamers don’t hate Call of Duty for the fact of it being a shooter. Instead, they hate it because of the potential that it holds to blow any and every other game out of the way. Activision has ensured in the past seven years that their company will go on to exist for another twenty with all the money that they’ve racked in from the CoD series.

The aftermath of them ceasing production on the game (If they ever do) is that they’ll be able to focus on games that they have the money and time to create.

Can they begin creating a first person shooter experience to change the direction of their franchise? We’ll see if these rumors are in fact true later this year. Until then, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Image Credit: Activision

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