Nexus 4 sold out 2013
December 29, 2012

Nexus 4: A Launch To Forget

As we close in on the new year many Android fans are still without the only thing they wanted for Christmas: a Nexus 4.

After last selling out in early December, there is still no indication from Google when more devices may be available. The only message potential customers get when heading to the Google Play store is, “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.”

Additionally the 16GB Nexus 7, 16GB Nexus 10 and 32GB model are all sold out.

The only chatter has been a mutual blame game between Google and LG executives.  Whoever is at fault, the end result for Google is not good. The company has failed to adequately communicate with customers who are very eager to buy its latest phone.

This is a substantial problem because Google’s biggest competitor is Apple, which generally gets very high marks when it comes to customer service. Consumers who are torn between a Nexus device or an iPhone may be tempted to choose the safer route of the nearby Apple Store.

One option for those looking to get a high-end Android phone is to look at other alternatives. The Droid DNA or Droid RAZR MAXX HD are both well regarded LTE models on Verizon. Both have a very minimalist UI, for an experience very close to stock Android.

Those on AT&T still can score the HTC One X or the LG Optimus G. Also, the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note II remain popular.

Yet those who still crave the stock Android experience may have a brighter future ahead. The latest rumor is that Google is finally putting its acquisition of Motorola Mobility to work in developing a new line of Nexus devices. This would be the right move: it has been puzzling up until now why Google continues to create Nexus devices with a hardware partner instead of taking it in-house. Yes, keeping other partners and the ecosystem healthy is important, but Google now has the power to create devices with the kind of software and hardware integration that makes the iPhone and iPad so successful. This model has worked well for Apple, so there is no reason not to emulate it. Nexus fans deserve the best from Google, in both devices and customer service.

Image Credit: Google Play

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