November 25, 2012

Nexus 4 Inventory Is Anyone’s Guess

Scour the Internet if you wish, but don’t expect to find information anywhere about when the Nexus 4 inventory may be restocked. Google has been strangely silent since its phone sold out in less than an hour on Nov. 13.

Since then, there has been no word from the company about when more supplies may be available. Even some who thought they had purchased the phone later received a message from Google Play that their order could not be fulfilled.

There has been no timeline about when there may be more for sale. Nor any kind of pre-ordering system to reserve a place in line. No announcements of any kind.

The only statement from Google is to promote the Nexus 4 on sale under contract from T-Mobile. That is nice and all, but most buyers are likely swarming the Google Play page because they want the flexibility of an unlocked device.

Google needs to resolve this. The company clearly has a popular product with the Nexus 4, perhaps underestimating the demand for a high-end, unlocked device at an excellent price. Despite some reviewers slamming the lack of LTE, there are clearly many who don’t mind.

For those who don’t live in an area with LTE, or live in Europe (where only a small number of people have LTE) the Nexus 4 seems like an ideal choice. Those who are using a prepaid plan can also get this phone at a price which is normally found with carrier subsidies: $299 for the 8GB model and $349 for 16GB from Google Play.

The real winners here? Those re-selling the phone on eBay. The Nexus 4 is selling for as much as $600 on the auction site. So next time the Nexus 4 is back on sale, it may be worth buying even if you were not originally interested in using one yourself.

Image Credit: Google

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