November 28, 2012

Nexus 4 Sale Bumpy, But Successful

For much of yesterday it looked like it would be a repeat for Google: the company’s Google Play store crawled to a halt while consumers tried to purchase the Nexus 4.

After adding a phone to the shopping cart, the site would then not be able to procede to checkout. The page would randomly flip to an error message after tantalizing me with the promise of an available model.

Despite the challenges, it seemed that Google had learned some lessons from the previous disaster. A banner message on the top of the Google Play page notified users that the phone had not sold out, but the store’s servers were being overloaded with visitors. This at least brought some relief to what seemed like would be another confusing situation.

After taking a break (and assuming the phones would again sell out) and returning several hours later I found success. I was able to score a 16GB version of the handset, which promises the latest software updates from Google and the freedom from signing another contract with AT&T.

As of this morning both the 8GB and 16GB model were available (this may not be great news for those who were looking to quickly turn the device around with an eBay sale). If Google worked out the kinds in its online system that will indeed be a good thing: a quality customer service experience is important if the company wants to take on Apple. Now that Google is selling a Nexus-branded phone and two sizes of tablets (the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10) its customer experience will need to match its hardware.

Image Credit: Google

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