January 31, 2013

Nintendo Announces New Wii U Games (Part 1)

Ok, at this point we need to stop with putting up fronts. You waited in line. You beat all the holiday shoppers to the punch. You bought your child a Wii U.

What happened when your child went back to school for the spring semester? You played that thing like you were six years old. Now the thrill is gone for the both of you and all of those launch games have lost their luster. Your child probably walks past it like the dirty clothes in their room and you have no justified reason to play it since you did spend quite some cash on the nifty new game console.

Hell, you probably don’t get any thrill out of your new console anymore, do you?

Well today’s the day you reignite those flames you and your child had for Nintendo. On January 23rd Nintendo broadcasted a Nintendo Direct, spreading the good news. Don’t worry, I know you have no idea what that means, so allow me to bring you up to speed. A Nintendo Direct is when the company broadcasts a live video feed of announcements to investors and consumers alike. This little feed gets all the progress done in a press conference without having to spend the extra time or money. So tell me why you thought the Internet wasn’t useful?

The Japanese gaming giant has announced a slew of new software heading for their little graphics box. First up, the company announced a new Legend of Zelda for the home console and that it would defy the conventions of most Zelda games in the past. Such conventions were making the game not so linear and having the player free-roaming around and adventuring at their own pace. Another convention Nintendo has marked was that the Legend of Zelda series of games is largely single player (there may be some multiplayer spin-offs but they aren’t really fully-fledged games). On that high note is when Nintendo decided to hit you below the belt and said it may take “some time” to complete (and if you know anything about Nintendo then you know “some time” means three to five years).

On that low blow is when Nintendo decided to help you back on your feet so your groin could recover. Realizing that this waiting period is complete shenanigans, the big N announced another Zelda project to tide you over for the meantime.

The other Zelda project is a complete graphical and mechanical remake of one of the most popular games in the franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Nintendo boasts that players will be able to utilize the game pad screen for those moments when you have to share the TV.  Also the remake is compatible with Wii U’s Miiverse and has fantastical new lighting. I’m sure as time goes by there will be tons of new info on this, but what I can tell you is that this stunning remake will be out later this fall. I’m guessing sometime in August, to be exact.

It doesn’t end there folks, stay tuned for part two!

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