February 7, 2013

Nintendo Announces New Wii U Games (Part 2)

Don’t tell me you thought it was over. The house that Super Mario built still has some more announcements up its sleeve. The Wii U has been slacking a bit (or a lot) when it comes to games, but Nintendo is looking to change all of that loud talk the naysayers are spitting out.

In the previous post I mentioned that the Japanese gaming giant has announced two new upcoming Zelda projects. One of these is an all new adventure that takes the series to new heights and another one that takes you down memory lane and gives you a new reimagined version of one of the more classic games in the series.

I already know that is enough to shake with excitement and finally give you and your child the reason sit on the couch and play games like two teenagers. But what else did Nintendo have to say in their major live direct broadcast? Surely they would have more to say, right?

Of course they did. So let’s get into it, shall we?

The gaming powerhouse did mention that an all new Super Mario adventure is in the works.  This is pretty good news, or excellent news, if you are a parent since the kiddies will be glued to the TV, leaving quiet time for the house to be resurrected.  Also, the company announced an all new Mario Kart for the Wii U. That’s great news, especially if you’re me (I have to admit it, Mario Kart is probably my biggest guilty pleasure). But besides that, it looks like your family game night will be back into full swing. I can’t wait to see what they do with this project.

On that high note, you get kicked in the groin (again) because Nintendo didn’t have any cool trailers or even any screen shots to speak of. But they did announce that these games would be fully playable at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3), so that may lead to the possibility that these games will be available around this coming holiday season.

A new Yoshi Land has been announced as well, but the details are not yet solid. Will it be a 2D or 3D platform, or will it shift in between the two as the game progresses? This is anyone’s guess and taking a look from the trailer it seems to prove my point further.

Another game that has been announced is (no surprise) Wii U Party. Seeing as its previous installment was one of the best-selling games of all time (Kanye shrug Time!) it would be a bad business move not to make a sequel.

A few more games were announced by third party studios to be Wii U exclusives. One looks to be a new entry into the XenoBlade franchise, which from the trailer looks to have cooperative multiplayer and dinosaurs and big huge Megatron-like mechs. Another game announced was Fire Emblem X Shin Megame Tensei, two franchises crossover in one game. No details were listed on the crossover but I’m sure there will be tons of info come E3 time.

That’s it folks! Whether you are looking for some games to pick up for the kids or you are looking for your next gaming fix I hope this helps.

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