October 14, 2012

North Korea Threatens United States

The following events are of no shock or surprise to me. North Korea and South Korea seem to always be peacocking and talking big. Of course, I do not the war to continue, but they just get ridiculous and predictable sometimes.

It was in the news that America and South Korea agreed to a new ballistic missile agreement. This agreement allows for the South Korean missiles to increase their range. The old deal was they could fire up to 300 kilometers, about 186 miles. The new deal is that their missiles can now reach 800 kilometers, about 497 miles.

The distance to Americans or Canadians may not seem like a lot, but under this new agreement South Korea can now hit any part of North Korea with ease. The reason they are doing this is that it allows South Korea to use this technology if they are provoked by the North, allowing them to wipe out most or even all of the North Korean weapon threats with a single attack, namely their nuclear weapons. They claim that if they are attacked by North Korea, they can quickly neutralize the North and save many lives in South Korea.

Another part of the agreement that is important is America also agreed to allow an increase in the payload as well. The previous payload was 500 kilograms, or 1,100 pounds, and has been increased to three times that amount, but this is for missiles that stay at the 300 kilometer mark.

The original agreement was reached in 1972 when South Korea agreed to limit their ballistic missile range to 180 kilometers about 112 miles in exchange for U.S. ballistic missile technology. Personally, I believe the original agreement was for such a short distance because South Korea was under a dictatorship as well, except this one happened to be on our side.

Then in 2001, the ballistic missile agreement was revised so that South Korea could hit a mark at 300 kilometers.

Now, because of all of this, North Korea is claiming they have missiles capable of hitting the United States from over 6,000 miles away.

Am I worried that North Korea claims to be able to launch a missile and hit the United States? No, I am not worried, mostly because I have been within North Korean missile range for two years. These kinds of threats are nothing new. I also have full faith that the North Korean government will mess this up.

It is no surprise to me that they made this claim less than two days after the US and South Korea struck a new deal on ballistic missiles.

Plus, there is the whole rocket incident from last April. As some of you may recall, North Korea wanted to launch a satellite into space. This attempt to launch a satellite has been regarded as a disguised ballistic missile test. The launch failed, causing embarrassment to North Korea. I was more worried then, after such an embarrassing failure, that North Korea would feel the need to assert its dominance and do something drastic. Thankfully, they did nothing.

In short, I do not believe that North Korea will do anything and they will not attack the U.S. Even if they could do it, it would be the end of North Korea.

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