North Korean Nukes: Why It Is Unlikely to Happen
February 13, 2013

North Korean Nukes: Why It Is Unlikely to Happen

Some people may think I took a hiatus from writing because I was hiding away in a bunker in fear that I was going to be nuked. That would make a much better story than a terrible case of the flu.

I am extremely annoyed with North Korea because of their threats, and the reason is because it affects the exchange rate of the Korean won and the American dollar. I have been saving for months so that I could send a large amount of money home. Then boom, the day before payday, North Korea makes a threat. I watched the Korean won plummet in value. How would you like it if every time a country did something stupid you lost five percent of your savings? That is essentially what happened to me, and I sent a lot of money home.

I know that may sound like an odd thing to worry about when there are nuclear weapons pointed in your general direction. The thing is, the South Korean people are not worried about North Korea, and the overall attitude towards these kinds of threats is more or less, “Oh, those Northern kids are up to some shenanigans again.” Trust me, it sounds better if you read it like a cranky old person.

The North Koreans are fully aware that a strike against the United States or South Korea would be the end of the communist country. I personally don’t comprehend how North Korea can legitimately think that they could possibly take on the United States.

The only way North Korea could compete with the United States is if China sided its military with the communist country. If that happened, then the United States would cut all ties with China, and the economic impact on China would be devastating. The American economy would suffer as well, but we can find other suppliers for a lot of our goods. Chinese companies would have a harder time trying to find other companies to buy their goods if they went to war with the United States.

South Korea and the United States actually help North Korea by giving them food, as well as other forms of aid. This is probably the largest case of biting the hand that feeds you in the history of the world.

I believe that South Korea could take North Korea without the assistance of the United States Granted, they would be using American weapons and technology, but the South Korean military is far more advanced regardless of weaponry.

I also believe that if we went to war with North Korea, many of their soldiers would surrender or defect very early on in the war. There is a reason that citizens and military personnel alike are defecting, as did the soldier who recently shot his commander and walked across the border to South Korea. As I’ve said before (in a previous article), I think we will start to see more and more defectors unless North Korea begins treating its populace better.

Image Credit: kotss / Shutterstock

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