January 7, 2013

Not Normal Paranormal

What am I talking about? Not normal paranormal, let me try to explain. We know that paranormal activity is anything that is unexplained, mainly connected to ghost, creatures, UFOs and so on. A door opening by itself, cold spots, lights turning off and on, orbs, shadows, and anything else that we would considered not normal activity would be classified as paranormal. So, what does not normal paranormal mean? It is an experience that doesn’t follow the typical paranormal criteria.

We relate most paranormal activity with poltergeists and ghosts, but what if the activity is somehow connected with a live person. Many movies have been made depicting this very subject, people making things happen with their mind, but the following events are neither a ghosts involvement or the person manufacturing the incidents. It is what I call not normal paranormal events.

From the summer of 1967 to January 1968 in the town of Rosenheim, Germany, lawyer Sigmund Adam had some weird events take place in his office. Machines would run without being switched on, lights would turn on and off, and the copy machines would spill out their ink. A large file cabinet was seen sliding across the floor, draws would open by themselves, and telephones would ring with no caller on the other end.

At one point within a 5 week period the phones rang 600 times with no apparent caller. The weird thing about the phones is they were disabled and had to be turned on with a key, but Sigmund had the only one. Once within a 15 minute time frame 46 of these calls were received. In October 1967 every light bulb in the office blew with a huge bang. Other incidents include, pictures hanging on the wall would rotate on their own, with some smashing to the floor, noises heard with no explanation of what made them.

This place has to be haunted by ghost, what else could do all this weird stuff, but here is an abnormal element. An investigation was performed by a team of scientists accompanied by police, journalists, engineers, and physicists in this office, yes paranormal activity was recorded and documented, but the strange part was it only happened when 19 year old Annemarie Schneider was present. She was a new secretary and the events began when she started employment. Witnesses stated that when she entered the room the lights would flicker, and an overhead lamp would swing when she was beneath it.

Annemarie was questioned; she had recently gone through a very traumatic relationship and was distressed. As a result of the investigation she was given a short vacation. The activity immediately stopped, when she returned the activity started again so she was let go and there has been no further paranormal events since.

Although there were video recordings of the activity, some say Annemarie faked the events to gain attention, or was this actual paranormal activity. Could some sort of telepathic energy been transmitted as a result of her severe distress disorder into inanimate objects causing them to act in a way that is beyond human understanding. Well, at least for the preceding events, it is a possibility.

Join me next time for another account in the world of Supernatural Endeavors.


Image Credit: Dusit / Shutterstock

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