Nvidia GeForce 700 Series Rumors
April 24, 2013

Nvidia GeForce 700 Series Rumors

Rumors have circulated around the web about Nvidia’s new 700 series, the successor to their current 600 series of graphics cards for PC. Currently, AMD has been giving Nvidia a run for their market shares with their “Never Settle Bundle,” which packages up to six free games with your choice of purchase of a 7800 or 7900 series graphics card. Some might say PC hardware sales are steadily climbing in the retail market as the platform has been having a renaissance with new parts and more impressive games. With that in mind, Nvidia’s integrity will be questioned this year with AMD’s steady success.

You’ve heard the classic 1 v 1 battle before, so you don’t need me to tell you that Nvidia and AMD have been battling it out in a pissing contest for years now-desperately trying to test which has the rightful badge of best GPU Company. Too bad that badge doesn’t exist.

Their core difference lies in their steam processor count, a factor that holds no ground despite Nvidia possessing a considerably lower number than AMD’s cards. It’s a matter of basic architecture. Tech analysts tend to point out that both cards have no discernible difference in performance short of a two to three percent gap that Nvidia has over AMD. With games like Far Cry 3 and Battlefield, a two to three percent difference simply doesn’t give enough incentive for spending $400 on either card.

The inquiry is on the games, and of course, that aspect is difficult to contrast due to the fact that they both push the visual and graphical prowess of high end gaming rigs. This means that they share the same virtual audience on PC. If they’d both pushed consoles that use entirely different games, or GPU’s that were designed exclusively for certain games, than we might see a larger difference in the gamer demographic. Instead, we’ve seen AMD combat Nvidia’s market with bundled games such as Tomb Raider and Far Cry 3; current games that consumers are actually interested in playing.

For a while it seemed that AMD might be getting a bit of leverage over on their competitor, until Nvidia announced that they would be bundling their newest 600 series GPU’s within game credits for F2P games such as World of Tanks and Planetside 2 in the offering. While their attempts to go toe to toe with AMD are respectable, I’m afraid that Nvidia might be a little late to the party with bundling games with their new GPUs.

Will introducing a new 700 series of GPUs actually contribute to some increase in profits? I’d like to believe that as true, but I need to remember that gamers want nothing but games. While the PC has shown its usefulness as a multimedia workstation for a majority of people, a new GPU is more of a message to the competitor that you can still push stronger hardware.

Instead of trying to boast stronger hardware, I’d prefer that they keep their horizons on the F2P market.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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