November 6, 2012

Of Course Apple Will Approve Google’s Maps

Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

While those hackers who claim to be doing the world a service when attack Web sites and banks as an extension of Guy Fawkes Day, (a day which few Americans knew existed until V for Vendetta was released) one British site has caused another crisis among the tech world. According to The Guardian, there are those working at Google who believe Apple will deny any maps app they submit for approval, just to be a jerk about it.

Apple released their own mapping application in September when they shipped iOS 6, and Google has been riding that pleasure train since.

As users began to smear Apple for releasing something so half-baked, Google sat back and let the media do their work for them:

“We want Google Maps back!” cried the crowds as they posted pictures of missing roads and melted bridges. “This never would have happened with Steve Jobs around!”

And there Google sat, playing it cool, letting these users steam and spittle about how terrible Apple was.

Google maps have always been available on the iPhone, of course, even after iOS 6. They weren’t any harder to access, either. A quick trip to maps.google.com from the Safari app brought up a very similar experience to what was once a native app. Users who wanted to make it even simpler could add a bookmark to this page to their home screen, and boom…it was almost as if the app never left.

Except, it wasn’t. The previous version of maps had Street view, and Google had to quickly plug this feature into the web view to make it available on the iPhone.

Since this fiasco hit the fan, Tim Cook has apologized and suggested other mapping apps that users can try. Eric Schmidt, Top-Dog Google Executive, began talking publicly about how terrible Apple’s Maps are and how they never should have kicked his company’s data to the curb.

Yes, Google’s enjoyed being the lesser of two evils for a few months, but users are still asking for a Google maps app in the App Store, and they’ve yet to deliver.

While the Guardian’s piece likely cites inaccurate sources as opposed to Google trying their best to extend this drama, the result is still the same: Apple will not reject a Google maps app.

How could they? To begin with, Tim Cook recently sent the one guy responsible for Maps’ failure packing after he refused to own up and apologize for his mistakes. The top brass at Cupertino are very clearly looking to make amends for this situation.

Just imagine the headlines if Apple refuses Google’s maps app in their store. I predict at least 3 blogs written by guys we’ve never heard of who will claim this is the “final straw” pushing them into the arms of Android. Analysts will issue reports saying Apple has finally made their last mistake and to sell, sell, SELL!

No, Apple doesn’t need the bad publicity.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, Apple doesn’t want another FCC investigation into their business practices.

Lest we forget, Apple tried this shenanigan in 2009 when they “refused” the Google Voice app for duplicating the functions of the iPhone.

The app did duplicate functions, of course…but the FCC didn’t care, and many faithful Google users were up in arms about the rejection.

Apple claimed, of course, that the app was still in review and they hadn’t rejected it at all.

No, claiming that Apple is going to reject Google’s maps is almost as silly as claiming to take down Facebook in an attempt to raise a security issue or punish a gaming company. It just doesn’t make sense.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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