Open To Toke In Seattle
April 11, 2013

Open To Toke In Seattle

Last November, Colorado and Washington voted to more or less make the possession and use of marijuana legal.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a mystical switch to be flipped that suddenly makes pot legal and enforces the long list of necessary regulations.

No, these states have been trudging through the sticky stuff ever since as they work to figure out how this new law is going to look and what they’ll allow. In Seattle, for instance, adults 21 and over are now allowed to possess up to an ounce of pot, one pound of food infused with pot, or 72 whopping ounces of a liquid containing pot.

These adults can’t smoke in public, but they can sure as hell chow down on some brownies and hard candy, and that’s just what they’ve been doing.

Somewhere in the middle of their trip, some of these adults started to dream up new ways to take advantage of this newly enacted law and make some folding money as well as bring tourism to the city they love. It’s still illegal to sell marijuana in Seattle, at least until their Liquor Control Board figures out how they want to regulate these sales, but when (and if) it does become legal, these pot fans are going to be ready.

CNN has a whole article about it. There are people who want to start a “Bud and Breakfast,” a green twist on the traditional bed and breakfast. Pot Cruises are also mentioned, putting hundreds of ganja smokers out to open sea for a long weekend. There’s even been talk of a pot-themed gaming lounge that allows guests to toke up and play Xbox all day. (Many might just call this “home.”)

Ah, but we can’t talk about Mary Jane without ruffling a few feathers, now can we?

There are those who worry about the safety of the sober public, a noble concern. These detractors will spin hypotheticals about smoked-out stoners aimlessly piloting their cars onto city sidewalks in their quest to obtain more munchies.

There are those who disagree on moral grounds, which is a dangerous and slippery slope.

The redOrbit blogs are politically neutral, so to stay out of trouble I’ll simply say it’s better to make an argument for public safety rather than what is and isn’t “right.”

Then there are those who mistakenly believe that these new laws mean that now they have to smoke weed and they’d rather not be told what to do by the government, thank you very much.

We won’t be talking about them.

The CNN piece tries to answer the question: “Will Seattle become the Amsterdam of the US but with better coffee?”

In it, they toss out the usual jokes about smokers and munchies and food trucks and goofy giggling.

Yet it brings to light a point which is often overlooked in this discussion.

Pot smokers aren’t dumb. They aren’t (always) lazy 30-somethings who live in their parents’ basement amongst piles of dirty laundry and empty KFC buckets.

Many of them, if not most, are normal people who want to make a living doing what they love, and if they love smoking weed, then that’s where they’ll look for entrepreneurial opportunities.

The question of allowing the open sale of marijuana still needs to be answered, of course, but should only be addressed by people who live in the area.

For the rest of us, we can talk about it all we want, but we’re mostly just blowing smoke.

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