Our World
March 1, 2013

Our World

According to Ashgate’s Geographies of Health series, “There is a strong case today for a specific focus on mental public health and its relation to social and physical environments…Stress and anxiety, and other mental illnesses are linked to risks in the environment…how and why the social and physical environment matters for mental health and psychological wellbeing in human populations.”

How we interact with others takes its toll on us. We deal with ups and downs of relationships with our friends, family members, boyfriend and girlfriends. There are bullies at school, work, or just going to the park. We are loaded down with stress; are we being good enough friends, did we finish the paper work that is due tomorrow? Will we be harassed by our coworkers or have a rumor spread around about us, or get that text once again that says, “Go kill yourself.”

On top of all the social stress and anxiety, we deal with the environment. People are being let go at their jobs and cannot pay for their families. The family home is tearing up; mom and dad are divorcing. Teens are on drugs and the little one does not know what is going. Our world is falling apart.

There are so many situations happening and in some instances we cannot help what happens. You can pretend you are the happiest family ever and that your life is perfect, but soon enough you won’t be able to hide it anymore. Your parent(s) are remarried; your sibling went off the deep end; you tried to kill yourself because you have suffered long enough and nobody even knows.

It is not too late to try to get your life back together again. Like I have mentioned before, there are counselors and other specialists. You could even try family counseling; it is not a bad idea to do counseling.

Today added to my stress and anxiety because one person wanted to kill themselves because his life sucked without me. A collection agency called me wanting money for a bill.  During all this, I was cleaning house, doing laundry, cleaning dogs and a fish tank. Then someone tried to tell me not talk to that suicidal person. I know you think I could make it worse, but if I do not talk then no one knows where he is or what he is doing. But he is safe, which is good. My stomach was in knots and my muscles clinched. See, what happens around you makes your situation more pronounced and sometimes makes things very hard for you to do. I know I ended having to take a breather.

Getting the bad things fixed will help getting in your life together and make it be better. So you could start evaluating your life; social and environment. Figure out what is causing you so much trouble and pain. Robert Foster Bennet said, “A desire to be in charge of our own lives, a need for control, is born in each of us. It is essential to our mental health, and our success, that we take control.”

Stay Strong <3

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