OUYA Exclusive: Soul Fjord
May 8, 2013

OUYA Exclusive: Soul Fjord

The little console that could is getting a little treat.

If you are going to be one of those people who are going to adopt an OUYA next month, then there is a little bundle of joy that is going to keep you company in the near future.

This OUYA exclusive is called Soul Fjord and is a cutesy dungeon crawler with tons of soul. Truth be told, this game is a funny poke at the black exploitation movies of the 70’s and 80’s, but mixed in with a little something from left field.

Okay, please prepare yourself.

The story goes a little something like this:

Loki (yes, from Nordic mythology) decides to start Ragnarok a little early (okay, a lot early), so Odin decides to send in the only hero that could stop this great and sinister threat. Odin doesn’t send his warrior god son, Thor. No, no this is a job for none other than Magnus Jones.

Yes, that is a black dude.

Baddies and foes from across the map will throw everything that they have at Jones, but they are no match for his soul and funk. Disco wizards just can’t handle the force of Magnus Jones. You know why? Because Magnus Jones don’t play that, that’s why.

Our Viking hero will be funking it all up in dungeons and other dangerous places until he finds Loki. Trust me, Loki does not want to be found by Magnus Jones. You know why? Because when Magnus Jones finds Loki, he’s going to beat him like Loki owes him money, that’s why.

What? Are you scared that all of these evil Nordic wizards and gods will kill Magnus Jones? Okay. Number one Magnus Jones don’t play that and number two, he’s already dead.

Yeah, so how’s that for a monkey wrench in the situation?

Catch the vibe as you fight to the tune of rhythm based combat that will test your nostalgia gauge because the gameplay is that of the old dungeons and dragons games of the arcade era just a little, you know… funkier.

The best thing about all of this funkadelic madness is that it is free to play along with all of the other OUYA games so there is absolutely no excuse to not play this on a 99 dollar console (USD).

The game looks to be hilariously entertaining and original in its own right. Speaking of originality, I love the uniqueness of this title. You can’t look at this game and say “Oh, this is just a rip-off of this other game I played earlier” or anything of the like. The creativity stemming from the OUYA gaming console from the independent developers is something that is more like a breath of fresh air to the industry. The OUYA finally gives the indie developers a platform that doesn’t involve a dramatic set of stringent rules, regulations or budgets that Microsoft so notoriously gives to these guys.

With games like this, I think there may be some hope for game development after all.

No longer will developers have to worry about a mass audience or derailing their creativity to fit the mainstream and Soul Fjord proves it.

But remember; Magnus Jones don’t play that.

Image Credit: Airtight Games

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