December 27, 2012

Owen Hart: Wrestler, Icon, Ghost

Owen Hart, to a wrestling fan, was an icon, along with his hall of fame brother Brett. He held many titles in the pro wrestling world, including 4 tag team championships in the WWF, which is now called the WWE. He held the intercontinental championship twice and was the world heavyweight champion of the United States Wrestling Association. He was born in Canada, May 7th, 1965 and was the youngest of 12 children for Stu and Helen Hart. It was a joy to watch him in the ring with his amazing stunts and wrestling moves.

Tragically on March 23, 1999, he fell to his death in the Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri, from a stunt prop failure. He was supposed to be lowered down to just above the ring and release himself to make his grand entrance into the match. Ironically he was terrified of heights but did the stunt anyway. He had preformed it previously a few times portraying a wrestler called The Blue Blazer, but not from such a high elevation. While descending from the rafters at the pay-per-view event, the harness released prematurely. He fell 78 feet, hitting his chest on the top rope, and was thrown into the ring. After being attended to by the arena medical staff, he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Cause of death was revealed as severe internal bleeding from blunt force trauma to the chest.

A student newspaper in Rhode Island had reported that employees had seen The Blue Blazer in costume along with the cable amongst the rafters. Also, reports of flickering lights and power surges happen throughout the arena.

Since that article, talk of Hart’s ghost has escalated and more and more people have claimed to see this apparition. Assistant general manager Mike Young has received e-mails from people who have claimed to see Hart‘s ghost. He also stated, “he has not received any from his employees, and for some one to lie about seeing a ghost of Owen is very sad.” He also passes the flickering lights and power surges off as being on the same power as the rest of the city. He claims “when the city has flickering lights and power surges, so do we.”

This arena has not been investigated by paranormal experts, but there is a photo of what is claimed to be Harts. ghost. It can be seen here. It could be just a reflection. Who knows?

Being a fan of wrestling, this story interested me so I had to pour through the articles, take in all the info and share it.

Is Owen Hart haunting the Kemper arena, or could he be just reliving the experience. With only talk and claims, having no real hard evidence, we are only left with speculation and rumors. He was a great wrestler and has been missed by many around the wrestling community as well as numerous fans of the sport.

Join me next time for another account of Supernatural Endeavors.


Image Credit: Memo Angele / Shutterstock

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