December 22, 2012

Owlman Of Mawnan “Death Raptor”

Legends of various creatures roaming around our planet spark stories of frightening encounters. From the famous Nessie ( Loch Ness Monster) to Bigfoot, and all other strange creatures in between, we as a society in general are curious about the unknown. Some totally refuse to believe that these creatures exist; others believe there is some truth to them, while many absolutely believe. A vast majority of the believers claim to have an encounter with these creatures.

A legend of the Owlman from the village of Mawnan, England is similar in nature to one of our own, the Mothman from West Virginia. The first sighting of the Owlman, also known as the “Death Raptor,” occurred on April 17th, 1976. Two sisters noticed a large, winged creature over the church’s tower while they were walking nearby. They described it as a human-sized owl with clawed feet, grey feathers, glowing red eyes, making loud hissing and screeching noises as it flew.

Two months later on July 3rd, two young girls were camping near the church. While standing outside their tent, a loud hissing was heard, when they turned they were startled by an owl like creature as big as a man, it flew in the air and disappeared. More sightings of this creature were reported the following day. In June and August 1978 two more sightings occurred, all describing the creature with the same characteristics, and always near the church.

Paranormal researcher Tony “Doc” Shiels was involved with both claims in 1976, he has been described of having a fondness of hoaxes, by researcher Jonathan Downes, and stated that Shiels may have invented the creature. Nevertheless, in 1989 Downes interviewed a man with no connection to Shiels claiming to have had an encounter with the Owlman. It was described by the man, who called himself “Gavin,” as a large creature with high ankles, grey in color and glowing eyes.

Another sighting occurred in 1995 when a female tourist from Chicago claimed to see “a man-bird with a ghastly face, a wide mouth, glowing eyes, pointed ears, and clawed wings.” The most recent claims were in 1996 and 2003, where orange red lights were seen above the church.

This creature could actually be an eagle owl, one of the largest species of owls, with a wing span of close to 6 feet and the claims have been exaggerated into the Owlman. Descriptions of this creature are very similar to this owl and could easily be mistaken for the legend.

Another explanation is that the church is built on a straight line connecting several ancient sites and the encounters are actually Earths energy manifesting above the church. This was just speculation in 1985 by paranormal researchers Janet and Colin Bord. They later retracted this explanation and stated it was most likely an escaped aviary bird.

The Owlman has also been portrayed in the comic Justice League of America as a villain. It’s an evil opposite of Batman, and an owl is a bird of prey that feeds on bats and other smaller animals. So it seemed to be a fitting touch to include this creature.

Could the Owlman be real, is it a hallucination, or just imaginations running wild.

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Image Credit: Photos.com

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