Patrice Desilets Is Suing Ubisoft
June 17, 2013

Patrice Desilets Is Suing Ubisoft

Ubisoft made it all too clear that they had no sense of respect for their developers when they fired Patrice Desilets, aptly calling security to have him booted through their office doors immediately and with no warning. While at the time we weren’t sure what the reason for Desilets firing was, we knew that Ubisoft had a good reason for letting go of the creator of their much beloved Assassin’s Creed franchise. As Ubisoft puts it, Desilets was given far too much power and privileges for his work.

Patrice worked for THQ before their demise just late last year. Since then, a lot of change in power has seen dozens, if not hundreds, of employees terminated from their position in one of the worst examples of recession/gaming industry misfires in history. Unfortunately for Patrice, that change in power meant that Ubisoft considered him to be in a position of far too much power. The reason for this positioning, they contended, was that THQ became very desperate in the final days following the studios closing.

Desilets seems to disagree entirely.

The developer is suing his former employer for $130k for excess expenses including his quest for another job, $5,000 in legal fees, and of course $100k for damages to his reputation.

Ubisoft has a bitter sweet relationship with gamers and free roam fans alike as their decision to annualize Assassin’s Creed has made it impossible for their motives to seem sincere. Gamers are nothing if not unnecessarily vocal, so Ubisoft continued their quests with the announcement of their new upcoming free roam franchise Watchdogs.

Watchdogs is looking to be Ubisoft’s flagging signal to win over as many willing gamers as possible before the next console generation presents itself. The mega-publisher has been a bit naïve about what they say on different platforms, arguing that the Wii U is their preferred platform, while also claiming that PC is the leader aside of all other consoles. I do appreciate their business practices and positive attitude towards a new generation of technology that could possibly mean the end for dozens of game studios across the world. But I’m not very fond of empty words of happiness where the actions don’t satisfy the means.

I’d like to believe that Ubisoft has it all together and that we’ll all experience a new world of free roaming and video game awesomeness later this year with Watchdogs. But I know that Ubisoft isn’t the company of happy-go-lucky guppies that we all love so much. Patrice’s current predicament is living proof of that theory.

We’ll see how his quest for legal action, as well as the rights to the unannounced 1666 game, will turn out as the coming months began to unfold. Until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Desilets’ taking of legal action!

Is Desilets wrong for taking such a drastic action to a layoff, or is Ubisoft in the wrong for such an aggressive form of firing one of their most beloved employees?

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