November 30, 2012

PC Gamers Take The Fight To Rockstar

In all honesty, it’s really more like a petition. We’ll let them keep their dignity for the time being.

Rockstar can not be bothered with the likes of porting Grand Theft Auto 5 to Wii U, or Volition’s assertions to Saints Row The Third being an “GTA” killer. In fact, Rockstar has garnered a reputation in the gaming industry to only listening to what the fans want. That’s a rather vague description, if I do say so myself.

Officially, Rockstar claims that they’re not worrying about a PC or Wii U version of Grand Theft Auto 5 due to business desires and general attention that needs to be payed to the HD consoles. After all, we are nearing the end of this console generation-Xbox 360 and PS3 will undoubtedly be the final flame outs of the gaming industry for at least the next two years.

And still, little attention has been payed to the PC version of the game. But is that behavior really as foreign as we think?

Well, the PC gamers have begun to express how angry they are by garnering a petition with well over 40,000 signatures!!! Seriously, I don’t think the attention is wide enough to even pay for the lighting bill at Rockstar’s building. For those of you who don’t know, by average, most AAA titles considered to be successive continuations of its predecessors generally sell in the 5 million’s across all three platforms. 40,000 signatures would be the equivalent to a scratch on a nuclear bomb by video game industry standards. Especially when Grand Theft Auto 4 sold over 25 million copies in its lifetime!

It’s a lost cause.

This isn’t to say that we should all give up on the possibility of a PC version of GTA 5, but simply that we should give rest to the idea that Rockstar would never bother to release one at all. They’ve released PC versions of every game they’ve ever made-to not release this one would be blasphemy and a lack of love and support for gamers who can support maxed out settings.

Attention to PC ports of most of your favorite multiplatformers is abysmal, if anything. But when they are, god are they glorious.

Generally speaking, PC versions of most multiplatform games don’t release in light of their console counterparts until at least a few months later.

Prototype 2 didn’t release until three months after the game released in home theaters-Grand Theft Auto 4 didn’t release for PC until six months after the console versions. Even Assassins Creed 3 got its fair share of wait time before PC gamers got to enjoy the full glory of Assassins Creed in full HD with amazing sixty fps gameplay.

How do we began to blame game developers for the attention they pay to consoles. HD console systems account for well over 10.5 billion dollars in revenue as provided by! Over ninety percent of that profit is generated by console profit margins, thanks to the levels of piracy on PC platforms.

Who can blame Rockstar for catering to an area of video games that will actually pay them for their work?

Would you expect McDonalds to give out free McFlurry’s if they knew that people were stealing crates of milk and chocolate syrup from their back doors?

There’s nothing I want more than to fly a jet across the skies of newly designed San Andreas in a Harrier with maxed out settings and mods to last me for months.

But for the sake of logic and patience, lets give it a while before our dreams are answered.

Let me know what ya think in the comments!!!

Image Credit: Rockstar

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