PC Rundown: Warframe
February 20, 2013

PC Rundown: Warframe

There aren’t very many free to play games that I regard as addictive as Warframe. We have Planetside 2 and Team Fortress 2 to mess around with in our spare time; but with respect, they’re not as polished as this immense sci-fi co-op shooter. I recently got invited to a new open beta this past weekend and have a lot of content to share with you all. Hopefully, after I’ve exhausted my typing, you’ll want to check it out as well. Let’s get to it!

Warframe is a four-player co-op science fiction shooter developed by Digital Extremes for Windows. As previously stated, it’s free-to-play and has a lot of in-game content that could generate hours’ worth of missions and unlocks so that you can customize your Tennon Warrior. In the game, the Tennon are an ancient species of sword-wielding, gun blazing shark ninjas that have been charged with eliminating an imperialistic human military force, called The Grineer, that are trying to overthrow their ancient ruins. The Tennon are masters of the Warframe armor and use a series of weapons and tactics; including Assault Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Blades, and some very impressive magical abilities to repel human forces.

Firstly, the open beta participation process was very lengthy. Planetside 2 and Team Fortress 2 allow players to sign up for the game in a matter of minutes, but Digital Extremes regard this as too subtle and simple. Gamers love to play with content that is legal and free, as opposed to spending $50 for a game that they know nothing about. Demos and game play videos can give you a preview of what’s in store for the main course of the experience, but just don’t tell you much about how you’ll be feeling six hours into the game.

What this means is that playing a free game with this much content allows you to unwind and experience every aspect of its gameplay while still having a lot more to offer if you decide to spend a little bit more cash for weapons and armor. I applied three weeks ago to play, was put on a waiting list, and was told promptly that I would be informed when my turn to download would come.

In the time that I waited, I could only speculate about how fun the game would be. I initially thought that they would give me a digital code to activate the game, but instead got invited to an open beta. What this told me was that Digital Extremes really knows how to anticipate the game for players. I had a new-found bit of respect when I began downloading, and felt grateful when I first stepped into a space carrier with three other players for some blade wielding action.

The tutorial took me through the basics of Warframe’s combat; Primary and Secondary weapon usage, as well as movement across terrain. When I felt that I had enough basic knowledge of how to play, I was dropped into the first level aboard a space frigate with my fellow soldiers. The designs of the Tennon will have you pondering how the character artists began to conceptualize them. The best way I could describe them is as humanoid with Shark-like features around the head. They have slim, athletic builds to better accent their movement speed across smooth ground and high falls.

Secondly, the weapons in this game are every bit as interesting as they are strange. They appear to be energy based, which makes me feel a bit more like I’m actually centuries ahead of the current military technology. The depth of shooting could be deeper if I actually saw scorch marks on the walls and enemies that I’ve taken down, but I think the sound and visual aspects of bullet trajectory took away my worries on guns. There are many guns to choose from, provided that you level up enough times to get a few upgrades.

The RPG elements of the game add a bit more depth and a reason to keep returning to rip people apart. While I haven’t experienced enough of the RPG elements to provide an in-depth description on it yet, I can say that I’m intensely excited about my next game play walk-through.

I’ll keep you posted on that next walk-through In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this amazing four player co-op extravaganza.

Image Credit: Digital Extremes

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