January 16, 2013

Peep This – PEEP: The Aprocalypse

Earlier last year I posted an article about a prodigious young emcee named Joey Bada$$, his breakout mixtape 1999 and his talented collective The Progressive Era. Today I want to fill you on their latest project PEEP: The Aprocalypse. This mixtape is brought to by the entire Pro Era crew. This project is a collection of tracks by the whole collective and not just centering on the group leader Joey. That is not a terrible thing (unless you have become a huge Joey Bada$$ fan), the members of the collective are Brooklyn based young prodigies as well. You as the listener will get a firsthand view of the styles and skills of the Pro Era members such as Kirk Knight, CJ Fly and Chuck Strangers among others. These artists were featured on Joey’s 1999 mixtape so these should serve as no surprise if you have become a common listener.

Since we are speaking about the members of this collective, I would like to address one critical member of the group. Capital Steez which was also featured on 1999 is featured on half to the majority of all the tracks on this breathe of work. Sadly these look to be his final featured verses since he tragically lost his life a few days following the mixtape.

Rest in peace Jamal “Capital Steez” Dewar.

The tape was released on December 21st in celebration of the Mayan Apocalypse (hey why not?) but after you’ve heard this tape you’ll be glad you survived the zombie apocalypse to get a chance to take a listen. The tracks carry the same 90’s vibe the group has become synonymous with. These guys also have a thing for word-play. Who knows, maybe it could just be a New York thing.

These guys display double entendres in every lyric spoken which means in every bar of each verse means two things at the same time. The best standouts would be cuts named “Vinyls” where NYCk caution, Captal Steez and Dessy Hinds trade verses over a text book 90’s type instrumental and “Floristst” by Kirk Knight who takes on the beat of the New York classic “Top Billin” by Audio Two.

All in all, this tape may not be as lovable as 1999 (in my humble opion of course) but that just means this feels more of a sample platter of all the artists this collective have to offer and have you wanting to explore more into each artist. With that said this is still a great appetizer to help secure your appetite for the member’s upcoming solo projects.

After nearly a month of listening to the project it feels to be more natural breathe of work than I had initially assumed. Honestly, I can’t take it off repeat on my iPod.

If you are in more of a mood to stray away from radio pop rap then take another trip with the Progressive Era. But if you are still on the fence with the mixtape then I will leave you with this. The opening song of the project which is titled “Like Water” and features Cj Fly, the Leader of the bunch Joey Bad$$ and one of the groups co-founders who I mentioned earlier Capital Steez who unfortunately passed away at the young age of 19.

Such a life he could’ve had. Thoughts and prayers go to friends and family.

Image Credit: The Progressive Era / Cinematic Music Group

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