November 22, 2012

Pet Turkey Killed By Bow & Arrow

Looks like the Skyrim craze still hasn’t subsided.

I like violence. You like violence. That extremely creepy homeless guy that lives in the ditch six miles from your house with his pet sock Chinky loves violence. Sure, he gets by on Gatorade and a tea leaf a day, and all things considered he lives a rather peaceful life-but utter a word of criticism towards his opinion on Euthanasia, and he’ll rip your eyes out. With our strangely idealistic and sometimes homicidal tendency for violence, we can all agree that the national ban on firearms leaves a very sour taste in our mouths.

Or in your wallets.

Which ever sort of way you roll.

That violence has found its way even in this particular section of  the year with yet another sob story of a practice archery range test gone awry.

In an article that you can read here , we can only sit and weep at the story of Tom the Turkey’s (I know) tragic down fall unfolds in a sea of sweat, blood and soft bird feathers.

Tom, a renowned livestock Turkey belonging to the Caponis Family was murdered in the wilderness-bringing a year long search mission to a tragic and very strange end. According to the culprits, Jacob Provo and Joshua Anderson, the plan was to kill Tom and cook him. The motive is all too familiar from here on in so I shall take the liberty of cutting straight to the chase:

They were going to eat Tom for Thanksgiving.

While it’s unclear to me whether this act of violence was a deliberate theft and murder of Tom, I can make an absolute certainty that Anderson and Provo will be spending Thanksgiving in jail. Both Florida teens have been charged with animal cruelty, armed burglary, armed trespassing and theft. A seemingly cruel punishment on one of the most controversial aspects of American society in the 21st century.

Happy Thanksgiving boys.

Call me unreasonably emotional but I actually feel quite sorry for the Caponis family: Pets are not easy companions and playmates to lose. I can recall dozens of pets that I’ve previously owned that kicked the bucket due to disease, famine, bad care and moving cars. We as human beings are naturally attracted to the aspect of making best friend/companions out of the unlikeliest of animals on this planet.

Lions, Chimpanzees, Bears-the list will go on indefinitely until aliens finally invade Earth or until the realization that the bird is indeed the word settles into the back of our brains. Be not confused by my sarcasm and dark humor, for its simply my way of coping and grieving. When I say outlandish companions, I mean it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re ridiculous for our tendencies to making good friends!

Some cases of animal/human companionship can be quite depressing and heartbreaking-and even inspiring!Just last year our loyal canine friend Hawkeye watched eye over fallen Marine Jon T. Tumilson at his funeral. I don’t care if your a dog lover or not: It is truly a sad and honorable sight to see. Its physical proof that the love we feel for animals in some cases are paid back in full respect.

If you can’t respect that kind of companionship then I have no hope for you as a human being. And besides sympathy and sadness for the Caponis family, what can be said about the harsh and minimalistic way that Provos and Anderson handled on poor Tom? Have we not evolved from our savage basic instincts, and invented super markets where we can BUY meat produce?

This is where my true sadness lies.

What do you all think? Let us know in the comments.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving internet nerds, may you all eat and count your blessings and friends.

Image Credit: Photos.com

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