Photoshop Touch For iPhone And Android
March 5, 2013

Photoshop Touch For iPhone And Android

Oh yes. This app is modeled after the big time desktop photo editing software on Mac and PC, and has finally found its way onto the iPhone and Android smartphones for your on-the-go photo editing needs. For years I’ve tried to predict exactly when anyone might have the guts to develop such software for a device that has just a fraction of a computer’s power. Smartphones and tablets are still a hot topic with consumers and a mobile rendition of Photoshop is exactly what those people need.

To begin, this comes as no surprise when held in comparison to Facebook’s Instagram, a photo editing app that harbors basic features such as cropping and mask layering for photos you’ve just taken. The app is very useful for the purposes of taking quick photos of yourself at a nightclub or in front of your mirror (as is the case with modern teenage youth) and applying a few RGB channel effects. Where this app seems to suffer though, if it can now be called that (since Photoshop Touch is combatting it), is through its lack of features to better edit a more believable photo.

While it is possible to apply effects to stock photography, these effects are simply templates; creations that other software coders and artists have already put together. In essence, this means that Instagram is no more than a photo enhancement app. Not only this, but there are only around forty different combinations of edits that users can utilize with Instagram.

However, Photoshop Touch provides users with a select few of tools taken from the desktop software to provide better, finished photos. These features include the Lens Flare, RGB curve graphs, layering and filtering tools, adjust color swatch tools, and finally blending options. All of these features effectively make Photoshop Touch a flagship app for the smart phone experience, an experience that should give smart phone users a bit of defense from the PC elitists that can afford $750+ for a photo and film editing rig.

Speaking on the usage of photo editing on a smartphone, the question by many can be posed as to how exactly can such a powerful application fit on such small devices. It’s simple; photo editing hardly requires much graphical power from a single computer, given that photo editing is the process of editing raster graphics on a still image. This isn’t any more complicated than playing an intense game on an iPhone, such as Angry Birds, Horn, or Monsters Ate my Condo. How to provide as much functionality with the app without using up the phone’s entire RAM is the true obstacle that software developers had to overcome.

Even after overcoming this, the question of whether or not an Adobe After Effects app could be possible for iPhone or Android.

It’s not, but what if it is?

In any case, Photoshop Touch is available in the app stores for both Android and iPhone, and for only $4.99(USD) users can get a decent spectrum of photo editing goodness.

Image Credit: Adobe

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