Pictures For Facebook
February 15, 2013

Pictures For Facebook

I love to take pictures for Facebook. On my Facebook page, I have a lot of pictures of my friends and me. It seems that Facebook is taking the place of scrap booking and photo albums. Friends post pictures of their children all the time. To me that seems nice, especially if it’s a close friend or family member. But at the same time, we should keep the idea of having photo albums because it is something that the child could look back on. Also I think that some people need to stick to the rule of “if you don’t want your parent or grandparent to see it, you probably shouldn’t have it posted for the whole world to see.” Thankfully, it is easy to delete your photos and pictures. It is very easy to upload pictures for Facebook. Their uploading process is simple and allows me to post multiple pictures at once. Just use the four following steps.

  1. Click Add Photo/Video at the top of your home page. Pick Create Photo Album
  2. Pick the image files you want to upload. To pick multiple photos at once, hold down the Control button on your PC, or the Command button on your Mac, while clicking the image files.
  3. While my files are uploading, I add captions, tags, and locations to each of the photos as they finish uploading.
  4. Check the progress bar to see the estimated remaining time for your album upload. Once it’s complete, click Post Photos.

A problem that I have personally experienced, and others might have experienced as well, is when you are no longer friends with someone on Facebook for whatever reason. You might have had great pictures of you and your friends, but all of a sudden they have disappeared and you can no longer find them. It is these moments that you wish that you had a copy of those great times. Of course you might not want them right away because you are hurt or angry or sad, but eventually you might wish you had pictures to capture those moments. Even though I think this myself, I find it funny that we do not consider relationships official until there is a post on Facebook saying that so and so is in a relationship with so and so along with the pictures to prove it.

There are many doubters of Facebook out there and they believe that this is a trend that will slowly become unpopular, just like how MySpace and other similar technologies became. I never had a MySpace, so I cannot accurately compare the two networks. I have heard that Facebook is better, but my question is, if Facebook becomes unpopular what will be next to capture America’s attention? It amazes me at all of the new inventions that are being created. It makes you wonder what the world will look like in 100 years, with all of the technological and medical advances in human kind.

It also is a little scary because with the more technological and medical advances our society is coming up with the more power and responsibilities we have to ensure that these advances are being used to benefit society and not to harm or destroy. Looking back on history, men who have had the power and the technological advances ended up destroying their society and using it for harm. For instance, Hitler decided to kill a whole human race. He used his authority for evil, so with all this power how will we be able to ensure that this does not happen again and that we keep our leaders in check with their power? I, for one, do not want to see a World War III, the world would become a scary, intense, and unstable to live in. power is a scary thing to behold.

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