Pixar's Next film: The Good Dinosaur
March 30, 2013

Pixar’s Next Film: The Good Dinosaur

Oh Pixar, will there ever be a time where you guys take a year off?

Oh wait, what was that?

You said you have to provide jobs all year round to people that have families?

Oh, I see.

I’m not complaining at all though, I am very fond of Pixar features (as well as everyone else in the world). There is good reason for this phenomenon; every time Pixar has graced theaters with their products they have become instant classics… well, except for Cars 2 (personal taste, don’t judge me).

Anyhow, Pixar has a great relationship with the audiences of cinema theaters and visits us once every year to give us a great present; they’re almost like the Santa Claus of summertime (except they don’t break into your house when you’re not looking). This year will be no different; this year we will have the arrival of Monsters University, which takes place before the events of Monsters, Inc. The story centers on Mike and Sully during their college years and all the quirky hilariousness that occurs between the two (let’s just hope our heroes don’t catch any STDs, yep that wouldn’t be too funny… ok maybe a little funny).

I’m definitely sure that you, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, Mom, Dad and even grandparents will be making that good old trip to the local movie theatre to catch the latest Pixar outing.

This is to be expected, but do you ever think to yourself, “what else does Pixar have up its sleeves?” I mean, these guys release movies every year, so why wouldn’t the film after their latest be at least halfway showable?

Is it because Pixar has signed a blood oath to keep quiet? Is it because the zombie apocalypse will occur if they reveal such goodness too soon? Or maybe it is because they don’t want their new feature to steal the thunder of the latest one hitting theaters?

Hmmm, after taking a look in the crystal ball, I’ve came back with visions of Pixar’s film for next summer: The Good Dinosaur.

The film has a set release date of May 30th, 2014 and is directed by Bob Peterson (co-director of Up) and co-directed by Peter Sohn (director of the Pixar short Partly Cloudy). What’s most interesting about the credit line up is that the director of my favorite Pixar short, Enrico Casarosa (La Luna) will be the head of story for the new Pixar outing.

Yeah, about that story, what about that?

It’s still in an embryotic stage but it goes a little bit like this: The dinosaurs that we’ve all learned about in school have avoided destruction and have most likely become subject to human domestication. The story centers on plant eaters who interact with each other and do farm-like labor. That’s all the info Pixar is willing to spill at this moment in time, but judging from the concept art, it looks to also focus on the relationship between a young boy and his pet brontosaurus, similar to a boy and his dog.

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I’ve looked at Pixar concept art before and have been skeptical, but I’ve always been rewarded with a great movie, so I’m going bet this one will be just as excellent.

They’ve never let me down before… except for Cars 2. That was out of line.

Image Credit: Pixar

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