November 22, 2012

PlayStation All-Stars: The Other Woman

This week, Crazed fans have lined up to buy the PlayStation version of one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, Super Smash Bros. But what would cause someone to cheat on Super Smash Brothers when the series has been so good to them?

Because it’s the other woman: She does all the fun stuff your wife doesn’t.

First off, PlayStation All-Stars gives the player the ability to go online and play with people across the net. I know what you’re thinking, “doesn’t Nintendo give Super Smash Bros. Brawl online play as well?” That is only half true. Nintendo does in fact support online play for Brawl but doesn’t give the gamer the option to voice chat, invite friends or even have friends. You see, Nintendo uses this thing called friend codes for games like these. Long story short, they’re just like phone numbers but longer.

No one will remember that!

Not to mention that if Nintendo is basically offering console phone numbers to remember people by, then at least have the decency to incorporate a console phone book. But enough about that, the PlayStation console supports accounts on the PlayStation Network which is Like Sony’s social network for connectivity, leaving a better way to communicate, make friends or play with the people in your social circle already that have accounts.

Secondly, Nintendo does not support downloadable content for the Super Smash Bros. series, which is a staple for this day and age. For those who play competitor consoles or even on computers, game developers release downloadable content to extend the life and community of a certain game. New characters, stages, game modes or even an addition to the story are all considered downloadable content but often times abbreviated as DLC. The same treatment will be in effect for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, the developer has promised that DLC will be a no brainer for the project. Just a few months after the launch players will be able to play as two new additional characters hailing from the PlayStation universe.

Another point I want to stress is that this gaming series will have more of an output than its Nintendo counterpart. Usually the case with all Nintendo games, gamers will get one or two games of a certain series on a console and then wait until the next generation comes around to get a proper update of that series. The same goes for the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Think of it like this, there has been only 3 games in the series over the span of 13 years. That means if you were 7 years old when the first game came out you would be 20 years old by today and only three games were ever released. That is a wait that shouldn’t be tolerated since we all know the older you get the busier your life becomes. Sony has set out to make this an ongoing series for both children and adults to enjoy while they have the chance.

Finally, Sony has teamed together with some of the biggest designers and programmers from the fighting game industry to bring you this game. Also, Sony has taken internet polls and surveys for the fans to see which characters should make an appearance. In other words, they have both studied the craft and listened to the fans and industry veterans alike so your voice actually matters. This is unlike Nintendo’s strategy of announcing that they are working on a project and then disappear until the game is completed. Just saying, if you are going to sell a product to consumers then you should probably talk to the consumers. It’s just simple supply and demand.

PlayStation All-Stars may not be all that original, but ask yourself, “does it really need to be?” The game gives you everything you’ve been begging for and builds upon the ideals of its Nintendo counterpart.  Nintendo will always have a soft spot in most of gamers hearts but after a long relationship of neglect, is it time to move on to the other woman?

Image Credit: Sony

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