Potato Party: French Fries
March 6, 2013

Potato Party: French Fries

As an American, I love French fries. And even though I live in South Korea, I still make my pilgrimage to McDonald’s now and again. Honestly, I go more than I should for someone who has the chance to eat a different kind of food than I can get back home. But, darn it all, sometimes I just want a cheeseburger and French fries. Part of the business model that McDonald’s strives for is to make their food taste the same worldwide, and they succeed.

The items on the Korean menu taste exactly the same as the items on the American menu. The Korean BBQ burger, a.k.a. the Bulgogi burger, is a favorite among Koreans, but not among my fellow Americans, and is the one exception.

The cheeseburgers taste the same, the McNuggets taste the same, and even the Big Macs taste exactly the same. More to the point of this article, the French Fries taste the same here as they do in the United States.

A trend that I haven’t seen in person, but that has grown in popularity across Japan and South Korea in the last couple of months, is groups of students that will get together at a local McDonald’s and order an obscene amount of French fries. The boys in South Korea spent an estimated 250,000 Korean Won, or $250 USD. The entire order covered several tables at the McDonald’s.

Another story claims that in Japan, a group of students ordered 60 large orders of fries. It is probably safe to assume that the kids didn’t just do this with their spare pocket change; but with so much money involved for young teens, I believe that the parents had to have given them some of the money they needed.

This whole trend started last October when the McDonald’s in Japan had a sale on French Fries for 150 Yen, or $1.50 USD. The kids in Japan went bananas and started to order as many French fries as they could afford. According to a Huffington Post article, the 9,000 YEN ($90 USD) they spent on French fries also bought them 30,000 calories. According to Japanese tradition, they must eat everything they buy, and cannot throw it away.

The other problem that has arisen is that the McDonald’s themselves have just run out of French fries. They have had to tell other customers that they were out of French fries.

The biggest problem, as you may be aware, is that if you have ever been anywhere with a bunch of teenage boys, you know they can get noisy and they can get rowdy. The boys who ordered the French fries in South Korea were allegedly told to leave after making what can only be assumed was a lot of noise and a very large mess.

Thank goodness these are just kids and they can survive eating so many calories in a sitting. If people in every age group started to do this, then I would be more concerned with fatalities. Then again, it would be people’s choice to indulge or to diet.

Image Credit: RocketNews24, photo via Tumblr

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